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  1. For me cost/reliability/practicality were the determining factors. I have a nice company 4x4 so the fact that my partner can drive the Evo meant i only have to buy one car. When i had the 34 i had to buy her another new Prado which meant more money. The costs of maintaining a 34 that sees 1 or 2 track days a month is fairly high, The cost of getting a 34 quick enough to be competitive is also 3x what you need to spend on an Evo. TME's are a great thing, they just feel a bit dated inside for me as a road car. If i was getting a track only car i would definately buy a VI though.
  2. Having had a 32 GTR & a 34 GTR and 2 Evo IX's, if you wanted bang for buck an EVO IX would be the car! Spend 10k on an EVO and the same on a 34 GTR and the Evo will have its measure. Especially on the track. I know you dont plan on doing that so much though. I did miss the RB26, what i didnt miss though was the thought in the back of my head that this thing could blow up any minute! The Evo is a much newer car and can carry passengers/kids no problems and with 272 cams, exhaust and turbo is an absolute weapon that sounds very meaty. Maybe like me though, you need to get a 34 to get it out of your system!
  3. 1. sign up to SAU 2. intro maybe!?! 3. Post #2= Laughable priced VIII up 4. Try to profit from members Welcome to the forum buddy!
  4. Save a little more and find a 2003-05 corolla sportivo. Has the 141kw celica motor, 6 speed manual, nice induction noise. Climate control, leather etc. coilovers, exhaust, semi's= good little track/daily.. there is a black 2005 [facelift-better looking] for sale for $13-14k on carsales its done a few klms 114k or so and looks to be without its original alloys. Might be a rough example, hard to say without seeing it in the flesh.
  5. If you are looking at an STI, you should also consider an Evo. I have had a 32 and 34 GTR and I must say on the street the Evo isnt as much fun. It is practical though, 4 doors, not too low, ultra reliable etc. Where i love the Evo is on the track. It is without doubt so much cheaper to track frequently than any Skyline. That may be in part due to it being so much newer. They really are a tough vehicle and you can still have modify them to a point where they are extremely quick whilst still being girlfriend/wife friendly! For me it was the best compromise being both Practical and capable.
  6. good work boys, Keep the updates coming for those of us stuck at work!!!!!
  7. Im going to post here even though Paul knows im already booked! Ben- 32 gtr Vinnie Evo ix For all the thousands of skylines owners out there i cant believe the lack of Interest in the best thing you can possibly do in your car [short of Megan Fox] These days are brilliant and the turn out is always great. I look forward to them each month and would encourage everyone to get out and have a go. This same thread on the Evo forum is alive with people that want to get out on the track, first timers, the regulars and those that can afford it every now and then, im really surprised this isnt echoed on this site. Give it a crack and you will really find out what you and your vehicle are capable of in a legal and much much safer environment. See you up there Paul...
  8. Exactly....... you spin off at 120kph instead of the 2wds miserable 90kph
  9. Duncan1

    Tyre Wear

    I have experienced the very same thing with A050's. Toe might have something to do with it. Im more inclined to think its the tyre though, they are a medium as opposed to the SR2 re55 which is a hard compound. I put it down to that. I have gone back to Re55's for a little while and will run the A050's in winter. I actually spoke at length to Yokohama motorsport about the premature wear i had experienced. they were very very helpful and i am looking forward to trying them again in cooler temps. Next time check your pressures and see how high they are getting. Im convinced the A050 is a quick tyre, im equally as convinced though that the side wall is softer than Bridgestones. Cheers
  10. If anyone is still running 235/45/17's the re55s can be had for $350 a tyre at present. Not sure if its all 3 compounds but i know for sure they have sr2's [hard] for that price, which is the pick for weekend warriors anyway! Good buying i say, there is a group buy on Evolutionoz, having said that a few of the boys have been grabbing them for that figure from other suppliers also. Cheers..
  11. Well done mate, that is truely sensational work.
  12. Second that! Evo's are a great car mate. Very reliable and relatively cheap to track too. Mine has done 8 track days in the last year and is still on the original rotors!
  13. Duncan1


    AGREED! EDIT: sorry mate, didnt see the Townsville/Cairns bit. Im no help to you buddy!
  14. Hey Gervase, I thought you might be doing lakeside on the 8th? Do you think the car is too loud? Looking forward to Qr this time around, might finally be able to pull the thing through the corners instead of looking like im in a drift comp! the car has always had a HKS torque splitter that we hadnt used until practise a few weeks ago, what a difference! Hey Paul, Look forward to seeing the 35 out again. Looked very good out there last time.
  15. REVIVAL!! Thought this was a worthy enought thread to bring back from the dead.. Who's doing what in the coming weeks?
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