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  1. kool sounds good but i dont think i would import neways sure its cheap and all but there is too much stuffin around. Yeah i wasnt thinkin i would afford a R33 neways
  2. i heard insureance is really bad for R34's and im guessin u havent got a ratin 1 yet.
  3. I was just wonderin how much they might cost canuse i saw one before advertised for $11,500 or somfin and i was thinkin maybe i could afford one next year as my first car. I may have around $10,000
  4. hey buy them?? little figurines. I saw fast and furious subwoofer there today wtf is up with that lol
  5. lol this one is just as stupid as the mclaren one of course the ferrari would win geez again u shouldnt have these 2 cars in the same thread
  6. u should even put these 2 cars in the same topic lol this is just a stupid question lol. The mclaren is so much more superior to the skyline im sure if they wanted to race fully modded cars then mclaren would win hands down
  7. i wouldnt mind that for a first car prob be a lil cheaper to run then the normal line engine but its way out of my price range lol
  8. i wouldnt mind a whole cruise of skylines talkin my to my formal lol that would be sweet but i would love a big roar of v8's too (dodge charger's) now that would be sweet
  9. i would order anythin from overseas i would only get somfin in my own state well im guess greenline is japanese cause of the site
  10. so anyone in qld actully know what the actual rule for neon lights is cause im hearin so many different stories
  11. that has nothin to do with this game that "mame" thing
  12. how do u download it and first of all what is it
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