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  1. The lights behind the dash cluster are on the same fuse as the tail lights, which is in the fuse box in the boot. But unplug the stereo first so that you don't blow the fuse again straight away and then work out what you wired up wrong.
  2. Yup, the ecu is to the left of the passenger footwell, behind the kick panel. not too sure how accurate the stock gauge is tho??
  3. i have very similar mods and i was getting 8 and 10 psi before i grounded the standard boost solenoid last week (glad i did ) i had a look at my ecu and googled the code on it and the info i found said that it had a mines re-map before it was imported, so may pay to check that and see!? not too sure exactly what else was changed with the re-map but boost was definitely one thing.
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