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  1. Forgot to note, the single plate was the original one from new/nissan.
  2. Single or twin plate? From what I have read and been told by mechanics. The V35s chew twin plates to dust really fast. Getting mine replaced right now. It should be noted that my twin plate clutch has only done like 16000kms from new. I barely ever drive my V35. It spends more time in the shop than with me. The single plate lasted over 110000kms
  3. Village Motors Nissan at Kippa-Ring helped when I had your problem. But if you don't have the code they won't be able to help.
  4. Japan won't help anymore. They say it's a security risk. Look for a topic I posted called Spare Keys. You will find what you need in there.
  5. Well done getting the help. It never was that Nissan Australia can't help. But that they won't help. Helping import owners means you won't buy their cars.... It sux I know.
  6. I paid $600 fitted for the windscreen. I replaced the motor and pulleys in the doors myself for $300. Do NOT go to Nissan unless you are rich or into S&M cause that's what you will get. Order the stuff for the doors online. The windscreen was from a local place. Hope that helps.
  7. 99 GTT, How do you know that the Narva Blue Power and Phillips Blue Vision have 2000 lumen or less? Did you find the specs somewhere? Can I have the link? I was looking for bulbs with 2000 lumen to put in my car. Thanks.
  8. It can depend on the state you are in. HIDs need to have auto levelers and washers if they are in Australia. This is according to ADR 13/00 Here's the link: http://www.comlaw.go...tml/Text#param0 There may be ways around it. But it would take arguing with the cops and maybe a court case to pull it off (see the section regarding lumen): 8]6.2.9. Other requirements 8] 8] The requirements of paragraph 5.5.2. shall not apply to dipped-beam headlamps. 025] Dipped-beam headlamps with a light source or LED module(s) producing the principal dipped beam and having a total objective luminous flux which exceeds 2,000 lumen shall only be installed in conjunction with the installation of headlamp cleaning device(s) according to Regulation No. 45. 9/ 75]With respect to vertical inclination the provisions of paragraph above shall not be applied for dipped-beam headlamps: 475](a) with LED module(s) producing the principal dipped beam, or 475](b) with a light source producing the principal dipped beam and having an objective luminous flux which exceeds 2,000 lumen. 35] 025] Only dipped-beam headlamps according to Regulations Nos. 98 or 112 may be used to produce bend lighting. 025]In my view, it looks like you "could" put in HIDs that use less then 2000 lumen (correct me if I am wrong). But I am no expert, so don't take my word for it. Do some research. 025]Do NOT take this as legal advice. Look up the site yourself and/or speak with a legal expert for advice.
  9. I saw a white v35 pull into the shops next to Todds HiFi at Virginia when I got my car back. Was it any of u guys? I was getting Petrol at the BP across the street. This was on the 7th at around 6pm.
  10. I saw a white v35 pull into the shops next to Todds HiFi at Virginia when I got my car back. Was it any of u guys? I was getting Petrol at the BP across the street. This was on the 7th at around 6pm.
  11. Mine is at East Coast Customs right now. I'll let you know how it goes. Never heard anything bad about them though and they have been around for a long time. But just like all good places. They can be a little expensive. Get what you pay for, the way of life. They are at Virginia now. They moved from Geebung not too long ago.
  12. You need the ignition code / super code for your car. It should be on a tag with your original key. If you can't find it look for TomR33 on here. He should be able to get it for you. He got mine. Good luck.
  13. Marz Performance Sells RHD Headlights. That's where I got mine. I know another guy who can get them too. Send me a message if you want the contact details. Marz Performance has a shop in Ebay BTW.
  14. I'd be up for a cruise, but I need to know dates as well as my V is in the shop getting a lot of work done. I have no idea how long it's going to take. I'm getting a turbo installed, service, coil overs, front and rear sway bars, lights fixed, Front belt replaced....... The list goes on.
  15. By the way I got mine done at TSX Auto Styling at Nerang. Cost me nothing as I was getting a lot of other work done there at the same time.
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