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  1. Sorry about that guys. Chasing around 10k, negotiable. Jack at KC's engineering in castle hill did the crank work
  2. Brand new built Rb25/30 (Twin cam RB25 head with a RB30 block) RB25 VCT Head Head has been fully port and polished (exhaust notches removed as well), crack tested, decked, valve seats cut, cam tunnels ground. Intake cam 264 10.7mm, Exhaust cam 270 10.2mm (Kelfort Billet's) Springs have been shimmed to provide extra pressure to suit cams Nitto head gasket Spool direct head to sump oil return Rocker covers have been sand blasted (not painted but prepped) RB30 Block (With bungs for oil/water lines) Acid dipped, bored, honed, all new welch plugs, RB25DET oil jets ACL RB26DETT Forged Pistons Spool Forged Rods Crank linished, grub screwed and full length crank collar installed (balanced as a whole with pistons/rods) RB25DET Oil pump 6 Impellor water pump ACL Race series big end bearings ACL Race series main bearings ARP studs throughout Ross Metal Jacket Harmonic Balancer VCT Oil supply tapped into block Block painted 2 Pac Black Final compression comes to 8.9:1, the motor is good for around 400-450rwkw There is more that I have probably forgotten, it also comes with a front facing plenum with an new 80mm throttle body. I have a fully rebuilt MX7 gearbox to suit if you are interested in that as well. Machining done by Jack at KC's Engineering in Castle Hill, Motor build by Mark at MRC in Castle Hill If you have any further question call me on 0479047910
  3. Hi all, Built this motor for my calais however have never driven with it (lost my license), it is fully built, brand new and never started. Is sitting on an engine stand in my garage with a wet sump that I turn over every couple of weeks by hand. So far this is just an EOI, the motor has cost me well over 20k to build so understandably I will only let it go at the right price. The compression ratio is sitting at 8.9:1 Motor is a RB30 S2 (to identify) block, with a RB25 VCT Head * Block o $1200 worth of machining and minor labour o Bored 40 thou o Honed o Decked o New welsh plugs o Black painted block o New oil valve release o RB25DET oil restrictiors * Crank o Linished o Grub screwed o Balanced o Full length crank collar * Spool Forged rods o Balanced * ACL RB26DETT forged pistons * ACL Race Series Big end bearings * ACL Race series main bearings * RB25DET Head w/ VCT (Exhaust lumps ground out for much more exhaust flow) o $1500 worth of porting and machining o Spool head to sump oil return kit o Oil tunnels ground out to fit bigger cams o Springs to suit cams, and machined washers to add 10lb. to springs * Custom ground cams - Kelford billet - 264 degree 10.7 mm intake, 270 degree 10.2mm exhaust * Front facing plenum port matched to head * 80mm Throttle Body * RB25 AFM * Knock sensors, CAS etc etc * Nitto Head Gasket * Ross metal jacket harmonic balancer * RB25DET Oil Pump * RB25DET Injectors * Clear Cam Cover Motor was built my Marc at MRC in Castle Hill, machining done by KC's also in Castle Hill.
  4. Hi all, For sale I have an RB25 head, comes with everything apart from rocker covers. . VCT has been welded up, ready to bolt onto a RB30 block (retaining the VCT) The head has just been fully serviced, valve seats cut, decked, crack tested etc. . (I have the receipt) Head has a very mild porting job to remove casting marks, and it has also been ground out to fit bigger cams. . The only thing that the head needs is a rear welsh plug, as I removed it as I was planning on running a Spool head to sump oil return kit. . Asking $700, it is in brand new condition, hasn't been used since service. . I also have a custom plenum which has cost me $800 dollers that I will let go for $500. . It is brand new and has never been used. (it does not come with the 80mm throttle body, however if it is wanted you can have it for $200, also brand new). . The head comes with stock cams, however I have some brand new custom cams, 264 10.7mm intake and 270 10.2mm exhaust. I will sell these for $850 if wanted. Also have injectors and fuel rail $200 Also have required gaskets you can have (intake, exhaust)
  5. sounds good. . Ill have to look into it a bit more. . Im still finishing off my build and thought it would be about time to start looking at an ECU. . Ill have to go down to MRC Performance and have a talk to Marc about it How much did you pay for your Adaptronic if you dont mind me asking??
  6. Hi all, Im just looking at what ECU to use for my RB25/30. . I was recommended an Adaptronic by MRC Performance in Castle Hill, however I am not sure what to go with. . (I wanted to get it tuned by MRC however I think Marc only tunes the adaptronic ECU's?) Ive also been recommended a Haltech E11v2 (add about $800), what about a PFC though? Looking to spend around the 1kish mark. (If I need to spend extra for a much better ECU, I am happy to do that for 'future proofing') Josh
  7. Im getting closer to finishing my build. . Cams have arrived, working out some numbers for pistons then the custom forged domed top pistons will be ordered 11.5:1 comp ratio here I come
  8. I donno about a RB26 head. . But I got a set of custom cams made for my 25/30. . Running 264 10.7mm lift on intake, 270 10.2mm lift on exhaust. . Using stock lifters and springs etc etc.
  9. sheesh. . i just payed 1280 for a set of fully custom forged pistons. . 40 Thou over, positive dish, valve notches etc etc. .
  10. where abouts in Liverpool are you located?? Is it possible to take the car for a 50 metre drive just to check that it is fine etc etc. . I have a mate that is quite interested.
  11. Ok, Update on my build My cams have arrived, intake 10.7mm 264deg, exhaust 10.2mm 270deg. . Bad news is that one out of three of the oil gallery bolt holes (on the corner of the head) has snapped off. . so I have to get it all welded up and drilled. . I have ordered pistons, custom forged dome topped pistons.. Good thing about this is that when it comes time for a turbo, I dont have to touch the bottom end for it to hold big power (400rwkw), as rods and pistons are forged and fully balanced Thats about it for now. . Oh and I took a slapped it together just to see how it would look, kind of
  12. Yeah I had a quick browse through search function and I couldn't find anything. . Plenum is front facing so shouldnt be a problem. . Not sure about the other things??
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if the RB26 rocker covers, valley cover and cam cover will fit an RB25 head??
  14. Item: RB26 rocker covers, Valley cover, Cam Cover Location: In Sydney but will pay for postage Contact Details: 0435 201 069 Let me know what you have Also need a RB25 Alternator, R33 starter motor (5 spd) and an R33 loom
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