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  1. not sure if this is still active but here's my 2c vl diff's do not fit unless u modify the mounts, but there is no point in that as others have previously said r31 diffs hold up just fine. i have had my 31 spooled for more than 4yrs and never broken an axle now its turbs and still holds up fine with constant thrashing and to break a 28 spline axle it either cause it was already stuffed or you actually have the power to break em
  2. hey mate is it alright to come and look at em in person, if so could u pm me ur address
  3. what else does it include, do u have lower control arms.... need everything to bolt em onto a r31
  4. hey mate u got any s13 front hubs?
  5. got a 5 speed r32 or r31 box, if ur interested i'm in brissy. pm me
  6. hey mate i got a manual box i'm in brisbane pm me if ur interested
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