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  1. I have had two R35's and two 911's (GT3 and RS). Email me some specific questions of you like.
  2. I usually do my own servicing Dan (replace all fluids every 5000km) Nissan wouldnt be able to keep up, plus they are bound to using consumer grade consumables (rotors/pads/fluids) are you catching on with the programme of heavy track use yet? I have been in IT for 25years, don't think i will need you either..
  3. trans temps got to 125*c before i stopped, however it was a relatively cool day down there plus my first time in a GTR in 2-3 years (driving a bit soft lol).. I suspect same cooler as stocker but i haven't checked..
  4. You’ll have to trust me seat of the pants-o-metre reveals lag. It’s there.. makes sense given bigger turbos The car is $299+ORC = $330k (the $350k price you see on carsales is attempted profiteering from an individual) I have heard of some asking even more. I guess some collector might be interested who knows. Re tyres/brakes - If you only do the odd track day you will not need to upgrade anything. If you plan to track hard/regularly (as I am) then factor in rotors/pads/tyres—most guys running stocker GTR’s destroy the rotors and pads after 1-3 track days. Ditto tyres. Same goes for any car you plan to track. This car will blow just about anything out of the water (assuming stock vs stock)—dunno where your more capable argument comes from I can’t think of a car that will pump out faster times off the factory floor (maybe a $500k Porsche?)-- depends on what your goals are I suppose. You can go faster for much less, our race car does 55's around WP and cost 1/3 the price of the nismo.
  5. Do you know what positive confirmation bias is? Anyway the Track edition is $250k on road, Nismo is $330k That's $80k for some (limited) extra power, carbon body bits, insane seats and different (IMHO awesome) interior. Might sound a lot but then again resale on the nismo will likely be better when i sell. I think it's more like $50k premium considering resale. i'm going to run this car in STOCKER classes this year... I wanted the nismo as the ultimate factory GTR road car.. It would be great to reclaim some "stocker" CAMS track records again... Btw my older (2009) GTR with bolt-ons, tune and slicks was much much much faster but that's besides the point, and modified classes. FWIW the Nismo seems to have noticable turbo lag <4000rpm which you may have seen hinted at in some reviews. Well i can confirm it's true -- will have to alter driving style accordingly. The bigger turbos whilst yielding additional peak power for that 600hp headline number simply stifle lower RPM slingshot effect out of corners.. i was left waiting 1-2 seconds for power to come online.. a bit frustrating. Maybe the bigger turbos will yeild more when we tune it eventually. Anyway today in in the Nismo I ran 1:06.2 in traffic (with showroom tyres/brakes). However with AP racing j-hook rotors + agressive pads and robust fluid + R888R or Trofeo rubber on a clear track i think we can achive 1:03's- add a tune and slicks maybe i can beat my 1:00.8 GTR time from 2010. The Nismo is an awesome car. Is it 2x better than the original, no. But there are diminishing returns when something is this good out ofthe box.. You pay an order of magnitude for a fraction improvement. Anyway have you got one yet Dan? Btw here is some video from today, shakedown on the factory tyres and brakes. On saturday i will put some decent rotors/pads/fluid and r-spec tyres on, then Sunday will be running at Eastern Creek if anyone wants to come for a chat.
  6. Nissan will be displeased. I tested mine today for the first time at WP today might have some video up later
  7. If you hadn’t ordered one-- ages ago—there’s no way you can get one now anyway. Nissan has been pretty selective on who gets them, and they have no shortage of buyers. I agree you wouldn’t buy one as a road car..
  8. Simple spanner check suffices. We've run standard and turbo GSXR's-- the turbo setup took quite a bit of development. We have a friends running radicals, they have their pros and cons relative to Stohrs/Wests. You should come down to Rd1 of the NSW supersprint championship in March--- have a chat with us all, some things are better discussed in person.
  9. here is some onboard from a ~56s around WP in a Stohr, it's pretty intense.. at these speeds it becomes a real mind game, the car can do things your brain thinks is just not possible... the hardest thing i have ever done is T1 at 250km/hr at PI, it was a real brain fark...
  10. so the launch event at Bathurst was yesterday, we should start seeing some local reviews next few days
  11. We've run a Stohr WF1 for a few years-- by far the fastest car per dollar you can drive. 54's - 56's at Wakefield, 1:25's to 1:27's at EC. Some of the numbers earlier in thread ($3k per day?) are seriously off the money. The car has a GSXR1000 engine which you can buy for about $3k complete. Race prep is relatively cheap, the thing is somewhat simple really, most of the tech is in the aero.
  12. i researched this a bit, looked into Nitto NT-01 and a few others. It seems the benchmark tyre for a street spec r35 (on the track) if that makes sense would be r888r's only question is 285/315 or 285 square setup
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