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  1. Tristan you have been issuing comments about the past again, i am not going to discuss this matter on here but i am more then happy to talk too you face to face. Brandon this issue is between tristan and myself.
  2. lol 8znR33 lay hum gar chan! diuu11~ lol fags.. buzz me
  3. Redsuns88


    this is wrong.. terribly wrong..
  4. Ghosts should have the ability to hard... ie poltergeists.. wraiths ... shit like that.. anyways.. this made me lol also supposedly melbians thats right melbians.. are going ape shit on the highway due to no easternats lol
  5. lol... im gonna make sure that big black bouncer that placed his hands on u is that zombie! lol hAHhaha
  6. supposedly those rage type of zombies do not have super strength.. just a angry angry nard.. i mean zombie!.. but in saying so.. vampires are super strong and have powa's! but in the end... BLade and Jet li would own all! because Jet li is "the one"
  7. sif it would be a noob zombie like them in resident evil games! but still assuming the strengths of the vampire like outof the underworld style they would kill the zombie!
  8. Just had a shower.. assuming the zombie is the typical uuurrghhh brainnsss.... would be raped by a werewolf its only the new style zombie like the 24 days or something is where its aggravated violence then it would be interesting but still the strength of the werewolf would still own the zombie
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