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  1. Hi all, Strange issue has occured with my wipers. front wipers itself works but does not squirt water. now when i use the rear wiper switch the front starts squirting water? I have checked fuses. also made sure both electrical plugs on the water tank is connected to same colour. could anyone please shed some light? Thanks
  2. Sorry to revive a old thread but i have the exact same problem. This issue is very intermittent and has also occured on my old S15. The way i would describe it is "losing both engine response and boost" only when the car gets hot. mind you my car is 100% stock even with standard airbox. i noticed if i leave car on idle for 2 mins or switch car off it will fix the problem immediately. I've been trying to diagnose the issue for some time now. first i thought it was due to engine oil, so i switched to 10w-30. then i thought it was fuel injectors so i got those professionally cleaned no. also changed fuel filters, engine coolant temp sensor, 02 sensors and coil packs. NO CHANGE! So it AFMs the last resort?
  3. is this still available? if so, do you have any documentation of rebuild?
  4. Hi all, I was changing my gearbox oil, while doing so i was trying to find the front diff. is it located next to the gearbox on drivers side? very unsure as i might be looking at the transfer case. could someone please confirm? Thanks
  5. Thanks for responding. how do you pull the disc off? is it held in by 2 screws?
  6. Hi All, Just have a quick question, i'm planning on overhauling entire braking system and i need to remove the rotors. could you please give me brief summary on how to remove? Thanks
  7. This^ I'm even confident enough to say a stock V6 camry will keep up with a stock r33 gtr.
  8. sorry got another question. if you do stuff up the timing and hit a valve while turning crank "by hand", how do you rectify issue? do you unbolt tensioner and remove belt immediately to start over?
  9. hi thanks for the guide. just to clarify when you turn the crank by hand clockwise for 2 revolutions and it all lines up, it basically means the engine is in TDC (top dead centre) right? therefore you can tighten everything, re-assemble and start engine with keys?
  10. hi mate thanks for the write up it's very clear. will help alot of people. thanks again
  11. Hi, I have up for sale a BRAND NEW never opened OEM Timing Belt for R33, R34 and WGNC34 RB26. $80 NEGOTIABLE Pick-up North Parramatta 0433929337 -Benny
  12. they say weight control/loss is made in the kitchen not gym. so have a clean diet and eat at your body maintenance level and you will be fine. at 12% bf you should be very lean. http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm
  13. r33 gtr brakes would be brembos. series 2 DOES NOT have brembos. no revision on engine so emissions doesn't change. only an updated series 2 ECU a Bump in torque to 362 from 342 nm. other changes - Factory option of Pearl white/Bayside blue in coupe version.
  14. tell us your build intentions and your driving habits first.
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