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  1. For sale is 4 Stock RB26 Fuel Injectors. 440cc. Location: Brisbane Price: $150 Shipping: $12 Australia Wide. PM if interested.
  2. For Sale is a harness for the HKS Torque Split Controller (ETC) to fit an R33. This is the harness that came with my ETC, but I have an R32, so found the right harness for my car and no longer need this one. Price $80 Location: Brisbane Shipping: $12 Australia wide. PM me if interested. Thanks
  3. Hi, Selling my White on Black - Queensland personalised plates 32 ZLA $300. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R in White 5 Speed Manual with Personalised Plates and Safety Certificate. WHEELS: 17x9 inch Alloys with 255/40 17 Fedrel Tyres (2 Brand New) ENGINE: RB26DETT rebuilt with ARIAS Pistons Tomei Head and Manifold gaskets Tomei Oil Restrictors Tomei Sump Baffle Greddy Hard Pipe Kit Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit Splitfire Coils Greddy Adjustable Cam Gears Greddy Alloy Pulley Kit Gates High Strength Cam Belt Nismo Thermostat Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator Nismo Engine and Gearbox Mounts Direct Clutch Brass Button Clutch with lightened flywheel Rebuilt Standard Diff (Nov 2011) INTERIOR: Apexi Power FC with Handcontroller Apexi AVCR Boost Controller HKS Torque Split Controller HKS Drag Adapter Sony Head Unit with Bluetooth Handsfree/Streaming Sony Ipod Controller Focal and MB Quartz Speakers Viper Alarm System SUSPENSION: Tein HA Adjustable Coilovers JIC Adjustable Rear Arms Fulcrum Adjustable Front Arms Whiteline Swaybars Front/Rear Cusco Tension Rods Front and Rear Strut Braces HICAS Cancellation Bar BRAKES: Front DBA5000 Slotted Discs - Endless Pads Rear DBA4000 Slotted Discs - Endless Pads NOTE: Some of these items have been removed for the Safety Certificate but are still available. Send me a PM if interested.
  5. Anyone else got any lying around in Brisbane, I need a couple. Cheers.
  6. I'm looking for a coil pack wiring loom for an RB26. One of the plugs on mine has broken so even if someone's got a broken loom I'd take that. Thanks
  7. I've had the engine rebuilt and at the moment it's not connected to anything, but the hose looks like it used to have a clamp on the end, which is why I thought that it went somewhere.
  8. Hi, I have a hose that comes from the top of the front diff on my R32 GTR but it doesn't attach to anything else. Does anyone know what the other end is supposed to attach to? I can't find it listed anywhere in the workshop manual. Thanks
  9. I'll have to drag them out on Monday. If you have the pdf version of the R32 GTR Service Manual that was floating around, the Japanese version of the ETC manual is included at the end for some reason.
  10. A simple 'How to use' instructions did. But not a full blown translation.
  11. But Gallarado's are still 4 wheel drive, so traction shouldn't be a problem.
  12. I'm going to be up for some new/reco'd CV joints for the front of my R32 GTR. Anyone know where to get them on exchange on the northside of Brissy?
  13. You will need 2 HKS SQV BOV's. That's why the kits are a lot more expensive for a GTR. Something like 600 for a GTR as opposed to 400 for a GTST.
  14. That would be sweet. Even if it's just the english 'how to'.
  15. I thnk that later model R32's have the same crank as the R33's.
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