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  1. WTB ASAP. Rb25det motor good condtion WTB ASAP Rb25det motor good condtion or just block that is known to be good comp. In melb.
  2. SS2 still going strong after years of hard abuse lol.
  3. Yeah I have also noticed that every few events it would start leaking and the washer needs to be replaced, at first I had a alloy fitting and the fitting also needed to be replaced as it must of been deformed from the heat now using a steel fitting seems only the washers die.
  4. My old pipe work was already much shorter than std setup as I have cooler flipped upside down and piping through headlight. Hot side stayed the same 2.5inch pipe and cold side now is 3 inch and is about half the length of my old short cut piece which was 2.5inch. Got my first track day end of the month so will see how the response is on the track also forgot to add that it is still using std throttle body. here are pics of old v new cooler pipe.
  5. Yeah I only did it to make fixing issues at track easier if they come up I was happy aslong as results remained same.
  6. rb25det plazmaman V std intake Results Since this has been a very common question over the years of people actually wanting a proper back to back comparison of plenums on rb25 I thought I would post my results as I have done a back to back with no other changes. Car Setup: std rb25det tomei 256 cams hypergear ss2 turbo e85 4inch straight pipe exhaust PFC z32afm takashi 600x300x100 cooler xpsurt 1000 injectors Plazmaman Plenum 22PSI As you can see from the results there is very little change with a few kw up top gained but generally the curve has remained fairly similar with a few spots slightly better and some slightly down. Boost response also remained the same. (Orange curve is plazma and red is std intake)
  7. bump price drop $1100, someone must need a clutch that holds big power for cheap.
  8. Got a nismo twin plate clutch super coppermix comp edition clutch for push type (r32/33). I have just had it rebuilt by direct clutches in qld to hold 20% more torque over normal version. It is brand new since rebuild has not been installed have receipts for work. $1600 Melb SE Manuel 0422445339
  9. Idle is basically same you cant really tell cams have been changed. Performance wise when I put them in 6years ago on 98 it made gains in the mid and 10kw up top and response remained the same.
  10. aeroflow ones work well
  11. Still a good idea if you have it all open to get a mic and bore gauge and measure everything up and compare if all is within spec and whether your happy with the clearances you will get with just using the oem bearing grades.
  12. Ive used the tomei type A for my poncams for years theve worked fine but yeah depends what cam your using.
  13. I run the exact same setup on e85 in my track car for past 5 years and both pumps the nismo and 044 are still alive and have never had a issue with them yet.
  14. Yeah thats a good example I can agree there.