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  1. basically i have a cracked wind screen and for it to make it over the pits (next 10 days) i need a wind screen it's a s1 1998 rs4 stagea front windscreen i'm after so if your in perth (preferably) send me a pm please thanks. Mick
  2. the car's in perth. i assume it's still for sale, saw it at bullcreek shops afew days back. if only i had the money.
  3. i woke up at about 10. went outside and my dad showed me how some water on a utes canvas had frozen over. the pics i've taken of the iced over water have had sunlight beeming on them for the past 3+ hours, now our cars icing over in the morning is nothing new, but to have birdbaths and large puddles form a thick layer of ice is something else. when he first went outside at about 7 he was hitting the ice on the utes cover to try and break it but it was too thick at that point.
  4. thanks for the offers fellers, but i've already sourced ssshonky's at a good price.
  5. no worries, that's as much as i needed to know. thanks mate
  6. i have a series 1 rs4 stagea, and i'm going to put on a r34 gtt side mount intercooler, but befor i do i need to know whether or not the crack down the side will have any negative effect?
  7. more than you can afford pal, Porsche *vroom vroom*
  8. more than you can afford pal, Porsche *vroom vroom*
  9. haha i love the ads.
  10. i've got a nissan stagea with leather interior and want to get it fully detailed. does anyone know a good detailer south of the river that does a good job? cheers
  11. well i plan on getting one thats had most of the hard work done (already had the engine conversion and shit) and then fine tune it. i think come the time to get one i'll be looking to spend up to 15 grand. just depends on the car, the engine, condition etc..
  12. i am set on getting a datsun 1600 for my next car (daily driver with power.), and majority of the ones i'm seeing for sale are sporting on of these three engines. what i want to know is what are the pros and cons of these engines (sr20det, ca18det, fj20et) and overall in your mind which would be the best one to have in a 1600. i want as much feed back as possible. cheers.
  13. datsun 1600 mazda rx3/4 e49 charger! any of the camaro from the 60s
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