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  1. car is definatley sxc but I can't see the chick!!

  2. Oh, s'if you wouldn't text me just coz you'll 'waste your credit' -i'm not feeling the love! HAHA! YES I so remember that time, but ya know, it really does pay off to be a chick - can you imagine a guy trying to pull off the stunt we did haha.. But yes, luckily, we still have our license lol! *sigh* yeah my rims are shit too, but i'm still trying to figure out what ones i like the best - so i'm waitng to find MEGA hott ones, don't be too jealous lol. Lol, yeah and my windows could be tinted a bit darker too, but hey, when i get the time and are not actually driving haha. Petrol is costing me an arm and a leg though. Totally worth it though Ok Yeah, see you tonight at like 10. Love xx
  3. HII! Welcome to our world? haha. Yeah, nothing wrong with the colour pink, but on a skyline - just not for me. Can't cramp it's style haha. Especially GTR's... omg, can you imagine a PINK GTR, I think NOT. But i'm glad you think they're hot, we know they're hot haha. And we're quite modest, can't you tell . Have a good one xx
  4. Hey Sexy Bitch , Damn straight our cars are hott, you know it. What I did without my GTR I have NO clue. But our long hard patience did pay off. And it definately paid off, now we have the sexiest cars in this town. haha. Any other chicks in QLD, or anywhere else for that matter, that think their cars are the sex too? I suppose you guys can show off your rides too. Anyways, still up for the midnight cruise - keeping in mind it IS saturday lol, gotta watch out for bloody highway patrol!! Oh well, TXT ME!! LOVE YOU SEXY BEAST xxxx P.S: Check out my rear-end
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