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  1. Yeah we already have 3 kids and my wife is pregnant with our 4th!!!!!!
  2. Hey Guys, just thought I would let yous know I am selling my loved 1999 RS4 Stagea on ebay due to my growing family It is deffinately a regretful sale heres the link if anyone is interested http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150589769522&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT cheers johnnnyItem number:150589769522 Item number:150589769522
  3. sounds like you might have a coil pack on the way out mate , they can start out as an intermittent problem then go all of a sudden . also check that it is all nice and clean in the vally were the coil packs sit as somtimes dirt or water can cause the coil packs not to contact correctly . i dont think it is a AFM problem as usualy it is not an intermittant problem , it will idle fine but as soon as you load or rev the engine it will stall . cheers johnny..
  4. man go with nistune you can just send your ecu away to them in adilade and they will install the board for under $500 and then when you get it back it will run as it did standard until you want to have it tuned it will cost bout $500 and they will tune it and make it like a brand new car man it will pump !!!!!! . the other options are just a bandaid fix kinda upgrade and if not done properly will be more hassles than they are worth big time ! . cheers .

    Awd To Rwd

    if you want rwd buy a skyline , dont go and wreck a good car man !!!! because that is all that will happen .
  6. hay mate just wondering if you have any cat back systems avalible in 3" for a C 34 stag but i even a R34 skyline exhaust i can make fit easy enough . cheers johnny ..
  7. hay man that mines ecu you have the best thing to do with it is to remove it and throw it in the bin !!!!! my mate had one in his 33 and it caused all kinds of problems for him and never tuned properly , and would always lean out on a high boost setting and could never hold a smooth AFR for some unknown reason . seriously man the best thing to to is to spend the 400 bucks on a nistune daughter board installed into a STD ecu and all your problems will be solved . my s2 before i installed the nistune was pulling 235 hp on 10 psi , and 2.5 exhaust std cooler and turbo smart boost tee . now i have a 3'' exhaust , FMIC and coustom intake setup , but i havent had it tuned yet because of getting hit in the ass by a stupid ford driver and having to get it fixed but now i have it back so it should be all go after christmas , and im hoping for around 290 -320 hp at all fours with a goog tuner . cheers spinner ..
  8. hay lilcrash give the guys at justlap in kirrawea in sydney they should be able to help you out or atleast put you onto somone who will be able to help . cheers
  9. just wondering if anyone would have the part numbers fo both RH and LH side rear wheel bearings ?????????????
  10. hay guys and girls just wondering if anyone knows were i can buy both lhs and rhs rear wheel beaings from ?? im in newcastle area so somewere local would be good if possible.
  11. hi guys just wondering if anyone has found a good setup for the wheel aligenment on an S2 RS4 an help would be great please

    S2 4wd Problem

    thanks guys fo your help in conferming what i thought was the problem. i have changed the tyre that was the problem and it has fixed it . but i have booked the car in for 4 new tyres next week so my problem is now ALL GOOD thanks again eveyone who helped out !!!!

    S2 4wd Problem

    hi guys im having a poblem with my S2 attessa 4wd system , i have just fitted 2 second hand tyres one on the front pass and the other on the drivers rear . both tyres have 50% tread and all 4 tyres are the same size 245/35/19 . now when i drive the car the 4wd system is coming on under normal driving conditions front torque gauge reads anywere between 5 kg/m - 10 kg/m and the car feels as if it is surging . im thinking that maybe because the tyres are actualy slightly a diffrent rolling dia so therefore the attessa system sensors are telling it that one of the wheels are spinning enough to engage the 4wd . im just wondering if anyone has come across this problem before ??????, there was nothing wrong at all with the car before the 2 tyres were fitted , and no one touched the car at all while the tyres were fitted and the guys who fitted didnt break or damage anything because i watched him like a hawk like i do with anyone who works on my stag HAHAHA any help will be very much apprciated thanks guys and girls ....
  14. oddy man do you realise that by changing your track width you will have to get it engineered because any mod that changes the track with is illegal and must be inspected and certifyed by an engineer . your best bet mate would be to sell them rims and go and get the corect ones that fit right without using spacers , from my experience spacers CAN cause the wheel nuts to come loose and fall off , and yes i have seen it on a few occasions happen to diffrent cars too . personaly i think rims look out of place when they pertrude out of the gaurd and also it would be a night mare trying not to scuff them on gutters .
  15. hay eru you should be able to get something simular from a sheetmetal supplyer . i know here in australia they make a product that is made from stainless steel and it comes in diffrent grades (ie shinyness ) .
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