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    Hi SA group Been a member for some years, but very slack! Anybody know and recommend a top detailer to bring my V35 coupe back to immaculate, also looking for recommendations for a dash restorer - mine has some hairline cracks that annoy me, but first the paint! Cheers Philsky

    Can anyone help with what globes etc are used on a 06 series 2. when the compliance was done they put in candles instead of lights, so much so that it is unsafe to drive at any speed (over 80k) on a dark road. I need to put something in so I can see again and this is getting to me.

    saw a black coupe around the Maslins Aldinga area with a couple of geriatrics on board. Oh wait on that was me, I was looking at a reflection! Loving my new car. $120 at Supercheap of some macguires ultimate stuff and a truck load of elbow grease and its starting to look schnmick.
  5. me too - but i live in SA! Any takers in SA for a mass conversion?

    Yep, all keys start the car so I am pretty happy. And I have the code if I ever decided I needed another remote key. Thanks for your input.

    It looks like this Key issue is going on forever. So I just picked up my 2006 series 2 v35. It came with two remote keys and a key with no buttons and a small metal tag with a code on it. . The dealer made a big deal of saying it had two keys! That would be fine you would think? I gave my wife one key and I had the other. Bad news is her key would not unlock the car so I changed the battery - still no good! I have not tried to see if it will start the car as I thought that wouldn't be an issue. (until I just read all of this thread!!!) But what my problem is (I think) is I do not have an actual mechanical keyhole / lock to stick the key into. (Not sure if that is normal or not??? ) If I loose my key, or it stuffs up, I think I am in a world of pain and unhappiness. Yes? No? So... what are my options to get a spare key. Chris - you seem to be the man - so if you can help or explain what I need to do I would be most grateful!
  8. Hi all. Just picked up my 06 V35 Black Coupe from REDLINE in Adelaide. Car came with 2 remote keys and a master key (I think). 1 key remote works fine to unlock / lock the doors, the other not at all. I changed the battery but still nothing. I suppose it could just be stuffed but how can ya tell? The problem is that the car doesn't have keyhole? just a little rubber button on the door handles. My good key doesn't seem to activate the rubber button. Can someone who knows tell me what the heck to do if the other remote stops working? I am guessing that some sort of proximity remote is missing that would allow the button to unlock the car, but wouldn't you need the key in the ignition anyway? IM CONFUSED?

    Items: r33 standard side skirts Extra Info: good condition and white preferably Contact Details: pm or Price and price conditions: fair price!
  10. Please email pics to Thanks

    I've been speaking to Nolan too. seems genuine over the phone. I flew over to Melb last weekend and almost bought a car, but car has had a fair amount of panel repairs - not sure I like that! It was still a nice looking car and I still might go for that one. In the meantimes I found one at Autoterminal which is exactly what I was after and appears to have no repairs! I think I will fly up to Qld and check it out! Ill be getting the RACV check on Monday for the Melb Car so that will help in making a decision. Any way thee will soon be a new Skyline in Adelaide and that is sweet thing!

    Anybody had any dealings with this company in Qld. I'm looking at a r33 from them. They seem pretty genuine and have a great range available or coming soon. Any comments good or bad welcome!

    OK thanks guys for the input Have asked him to Register in Vic and awaiting his response. Asked for his best price so lets see what happens. Thanks again

    Thanks for all the input! All good and most makes sense. The dude in Melbourne actually brings in lots of cars. He is the brother of the gut that runs High Performance Japanese Imports. This company is a compliance holder and import agent as well. They comply his cars. The dude tell me that he has sold many card to guys in Adelaide - only recently a r34 I think to a bloke from Blackwood - around a month ago. [if you read the forum please let me know how your dealings have been!] The seller in Melbourne is called Adam, from Taylors Hill As far as reducing the Price, he will drop around $500-$600 I think - making it a pretty sweet deal. I know I will still have to pay rego and stamp duty here but..... That would make the price under 13000 which seems by Adelaide standards as top value... especially for a supposed grade 4.5 auction paper - I have a copy of this AS I said, it looks great - no obvious repair or damage or even dents and scratches, the interior is immaculate, and the engine seems fine as does the transmission. I really had trouble faulting this baby and believe me I was trying. I have arranged a RACV full inspection for later in the week as well, and he didnt seem to be concerned. I just need to remember to keep thinking with my head to my desire! I really want this I think!!!!!! Thanks guys and keep the comments and suggestions coming!

    I am about to buy a r33 from Melbourne - almost ready to part with the cash, but have a few questions members might be able to assist with. The car is a recent import and never been registered in Aus. The seller has it complied and ready for rego in vic. Would it be better for him to register for 6 months in Vic and then just change to SA rego in a few months time OR Get the car to SA and register it first up here? He will give me a fair discount if I do the latter, but what implications does that have. The car is pretty stock except for 17" rims 235 tyres and a nice exhaust. Exhaust is a brand new Jasma stainless-steel 3.5" exhaust and muffler (cat back) with 4.5" tip, but is not loud just deep! He thinks I may have to put stock rims and maybe even stock exhaust to pass inspection? Apart from that hassle I am ready to buy, flew over to Melbourne yesterday to have a look and Drive and it is excellent. It is a stock auto, so it wont be breaking any performance barriers, but will keep the missus happy [it is mainly for her] Any help or suggestions appreciated and sorry if this is a basic question, but....