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  1. here is some information. http://hybrid-power.com/HDI%20CLAMP/HDI%20CLAMP.html or www.fgpower.com thanks
  2. Hi, The EBC-S has now been replaced by the HDI-EBC-R. We have sold out of the EBC-S. Please consider the HDI-EBC-R as it has many improvements to the HDI-EBC-S such as incabin adjustment and boost pressure sensor for improved accuracy. Thanks
  3. Hi, Yes it includes the boost gauge, the only option is the pre assembled rocket arming switch in the picture. That is an extra $15. The whole pictured package is $215 delivered Australia Wide. Thank you
  4. Hi, The rocket arming switch assembly is $15 extra (as pictured on link). You can use a standard switch, however this is plug and play so will be easier to install. Thanks Justin
  5. HDI-EBC-R-EVOLUTION HDi is proud to introduce the new EBC-R Evolution electronic boost controller. Continuing the success of the HDI-EBC-R the HDI-EBC-R-EVOLUTION now offers a mechanical 30PSI boost gauge. Overview: The HDI-EBC-R-EVOLUTION is suitable for any turbo engine, single or twin turbo and external wastegate versions. It is specifically designed for simple installation with only two wires to connect (ignition positive and earth), easy operation and effective function. With a maximum boost setting of 30PSI it is suitable for both street and race applications. The HDI-EBC-R-EVOLUTION offers the best performance and value for money on the market. Features: Precise In cabin adjustment Maximum setting of 30PSI High quality 100psi Solenoid HDI-SBG-M 30PSI boost gauge ¼ Din rigid aluminum casing Optional pre assembled plug in rocket arming switch Boost setting: It is very simple to set, just push the adjustment dial so it extends outwards and turn the dial clockwise to increase boost and counter clockwise to decrease boost. Then when the desired level is reached, push the adjustment dial in to avoid accidental adjustment. When using the optional preassembled plug in rocket arming switch the HDI-EBC-R-EVOLUTION can act as a dual stage boost controller. This allows you to electronically switch between your stock boost level and the preset boost level from your driver's seat. Head Unit: All electronics are enclosed in an attractive Titanium finish anodized aluminum casing. The HDI-EBC-R measures only 85mm wide x 22mm high x 50mm deep, allowing it to be mounted in any ¼ DIN opening. Boost Gauge: The HDI-SBG-M mechanical boost gauge features a 52mm (2 inch) 270 degree sweep with a 30 PSI maximum rating. The boost gauge includes a separate back light, connections and parts for easy installation. RRP$215 Special Offer Member price - $185 plus postage of $15 Australia wide Hybrid Development International - Ph: 02 9620 7388 AVAILABLE NOW www.hybrid-power.com
  6. Hi, Thanks for the enquiry. The gauge can be purchased separately. However, please note it will only work with our HDI-SBC-D(SE) boost controller. The gauge is $80 plus postage. Thanks
  7. Thank you, if you have any product or technical questions please contact us. Happy to help.
  8. Thank you for the feedback. We go to great lengths in the design and development of our Intercooler kits and pride ourselves on their quality. All HDi products are extensively tested on both the dyno and in real world situations to make sure you get improved performance, improved driving experience and value for money. Thank you
  9. Hi, the Gauge is $70 plus postage of $15. However the SBG-D will only work with our SBC-D(SE) controller. Thanks
  10. HDi - LATEST PRODUCT CATALOGUE CLICK HERE SEMA 2008 - HDI -Winner of 4 x Global Media New Product Awards CLICK HERE
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