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  1. Set of Keioffice coilivers to suit an RS4s (Fork end on the rear shocks). Suit rebuild as one has a bent shaft. I was going to rebuild them with BC shocks, but never got that far (Pretty sure the thread is the same) $200 ono, located in Carina, Brisbane. Can ship but would be pretty expensive.
  2. Traded in some money for a couple of pieces of scrap metal this morning
  3. Changed the oil a while ago Changed the thermostat last night. Was running an r33 one for the last couple of years and thought maybe running at 82° instead of 87° might be causing it it use more fuel. South a pain to change on the rb25, must the the plenum design. Will see how it goes, averaging around 15.5-13 l/100km
  4. More that I can't justify the supporting mods to make the most of one of your turbos. I will be selling in the next 6 months too so would prefer to fix up the turbo but don't want to outlay too much money as I won't recover it. And would prefer something new rather than swapping an unknown stock turbo onto it. Over the years I've seen a few Stagea owners searching for a similar option as the car is just a daily driver for them, surely some skyline owners would also like a core that they could throw in and not worry about exploding and run on a stock tune
  5. So you couldn't make a chra that the stock housings would bolt to without needing the housings to be machined? I'm assuming here that machining the housings to suit your chras and new wheels is a bit labour intensive
  6. Hey Stao I've been out of this thread for a while but I've got a couple of questions. Its hard to find new CHRA's for stock rb turbos, how much would it cost to make one that fits into stock housings? My neo turbo is on its way out but I don't want to highflow because it would then need clutch, fmic, coilpacks etc etc, I'm happy with how it performs as it is (its just a daily) I was thinking the other day, there must be a few people who want a rebuilt stock turbo that won't need to be tuned afterwards. Would this be something you could make for a reasonable price?
  7. Bump and a price drop! $12,000
  8. Its now for sale. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/robina/cars-vans-utes/1999-nissan-stagea-rs4s-factory-manual-awd/1045238934
  9. would you separate the wheels from the tyres?
  10. Hi Guys, I think its about time I think of selling my Stagea and get a smaller car. The car has been super reliable and has moved me up and down to Tasmania 4 times (for uni, live on the gc but went to uni in Tas) but now that I have graduated I don't need the space anymore. Over the years I have owned it I've only had to do minor things as it has been super reliable. 100,000km service including water pump (all genuine nissan stuff) New stock radiator (top tank cracked like they all do after 10+ years of service) Full 3" exhaust , turbo back with 3" catco cat (cat is pretty new) O2 sensor changed Front CV boots done before last trip up R34 GTT brakes (310mm front, 297 rear) stock brakes aren't very good for a decently quick wagon Eibach lowered springs (about 35mm lower, not harsh just firm and sporty) Impul shocks (work really well with the eibach springs) A heap of the front end bushes were also swapped out for superpro bushes recently EOI Price: $14,000 Car is located on the Gold Coast Will consider swaps, but only for something turbo and 4 cylinder
  11. Would you be willing to pack the side mount up? I can arrange a courier to pick it up
  12. 3 inch cat in, made about 1% difference on the butt dyno, exhaust sounds a little deeper now piece of mind tho, now i know all the exhaust is 3"
  13. Thanks mate, Do you mind disclosing what that cost you? And also who you went through to organise it?
  14. Can someone please measure up their bc's for me? I'm thinking the cartridges may be of use to me to rebuild some coilovers I alread own and are pretty cheap Just need to know overall length of the cartridge (not really important) And outer diameter (outside of the threaded section) or (inside diameter of the lock rings) If this works i'll be super happy Cheers!
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