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  1. Not with MCR. Its a 2 minute plug in wiring kit.
  2. FYI, I also couldnt read any post or threads started by others from their individual page. It says erros when I look a user up and try to see what other post they have made.
  3. Thank you for cleaning up the thread Blitz. iwanta34gtr: I am sorry but I wasnt able to log in until now due to issues with this site. I will send you a pm now. Thanks.
  4. I am having same problems in logging in from Japan. I dont have access on both home and work pc's. Extremely difficult to log in (page doesnt show section to include user name or password). I think this happened since the site was centred and narrow but it could have also started a couple of days after it the alignment went crazy.
  5. Hi all, For those who do not look at the For Sale section of this forum, I have put up my GTR for sale. R35 GTR for sale link Please PM me if you have any questions or if I can provide any additional information. Thank you.
  6. Please excuse the iPhone shots above. Here are photos of the car when it was at the dealers a year ago. Again, I have not driven the car except for some weekends and it is parked under cover all of the time therefore the photos below is how the car is at the moment.
  7. Hi everyone, I am organizing to send my R35 back to Aus very shortly which I am planning on selling - hopefully before it lands there. I have done this before so no problems here. This will be a personal import and the car is currently my second vehicle here in Tokyo. I actually ride a scooter to work and therefore I only drive it on some weekends. It has never been raced or tracked and is a non-smokers vehicle. It has no accident history and is absolutely spotless with no scatches or dents on the outside and only very very tiny marks on the inside. Here are general specs but please PM me if you would like further information. 2008 Built 25,00kms with Nissan service history and paperwork Premium Model (top of the range for Japan models with everything - heated seats, full leather, BOSE etc) Additional extras - Front LED, rear camera, nissan factory alarm, carbon fibre mats (NEW) The car has 2 more years of factory warranty on the mechanicals and drivetrain which I believe Nissan Japan will honour even in Australia. I will confirm this however when I have the chance. With the current exchange rates, I am looking to sell the car for $110,000. Thank you.
  8. I really cant remember much as it is over a decade ago. If it is the same one, I knew the previous owner, but again cant remember who or what he looks like now.
  9. Wow, if thats the car I think it is, its been a long time.... The last I saw it was back in 2000! Lol... some of the cars still floating around Adelaide.
  10. I believe it's because the way the original wheel and the disk match up. From factory they sit perfectly and needs to be put back exactly the same. If you look at your studs, they will have one marked as reference if removed for the first time at Nissan.
  11. Dont know what the difference is but I am sure they are similar. I looked at both and they are terrible to be honest. Cheap and nasty, reminding me of why I liked the Porsche. I still want to look at the built of an infinity FX in person and hope its close to the GTR but doubt it will be. They are all also quite smaller inside and out and dont have the presence of a Cayenne on the road.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I couldn't find any on the Fabcar website for 129k but saw one for 69k. That is also showing a Japanese. I am actually considering the crossover not FX but still, I can't see anyone buying one of those for 129 or 150!
  13. Hi guys, Its time for me to get a family sized car as my 2nd car in Tokyo. Ideally I would love to get a Porsche Cayenne GTS but I need comfort in knowing I can sell it in Aus. The only other vehicle that comes even close (and it isnt anywhere close) would be the Skyline Crossover. I also considered the Infinity FX50 but they are all LHD here. I dont think the Crossovers are imported that much into Aus but could be wrong. Anyone seen them for sale and can let me know at what price or links? Assuming I get one and send it back to Aus, would there be a strong interest in them as a personal import? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Ive seen a local Japanese magazine with a shot of your car in its early form. Im sure with all you are doing, it will end up in a couple more on stories of guys overseas going all out with the GTR. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the final product!
  15. Oh I actually thought the guy was Chinese or Vietnamese? But then again, they all look the same right?
  16. I live and work right in Tokyo central and 10 minutes by car from Tokyo station. Although we personally are careful about the produce and water etc, life is pretty much normal. You wont notice anything radiation related unless you read or watch the news. I can go on about whats happening at the power plants but really that is irrelevent to your question. If you are wondering whether it is safe to come for a holiday, I would say yes. No issues in Tokyo and definitely nothing in Okinawa as I went there for a week right when the problems started! I hope this helps.
  17. I find it offensive and ignorance when people use the term "Jap". Many dont mean anything by it but it is rude and you wouldnt want to use the term when speaking to a Japanese. I know this is an abreviation but always found it rude. Instead use the full term or JP for short.
  18. Im happy to guy it and send it over to my fellow GTR Aussie owners, just let me know. Im not sure how much money it would save but the Aussie dollar is really strong today so you might want to get in there quick.
  19. I was thinking of getting the Zele kit, except for front bar, but really like the MCR. I think they have a couple of kits but the latest one looks awesome!
  20. Then dont do it! Stillen reminds me of the late 90s and Hondas... Anyway, I was at MCR 2 days ago and the whole kit fitted perfectly and looked awesone. Just enough extra showing without too much attention. Not sure if this is MCR but looked like this. For those who have never been there, it is basically a tin shed and even the office area is smaller than some of your bathrooms. Still there were 3 R35s their famous Fairlady Z and in the engine room, they showed me the 800ps engine being prepared for their demo R35.
  21. Well I am not exactly suggesting that they would not stand up against Nissan on a genuine claim. What I am saying is that it would seem that the large majority of claims with the GTR, and the transmission for example, happens outside of Japan. It rarely happens in Japan and were it to happen here, Japanese owners would accept it IF Nissan were to deny the claim due to not following the instructions outlined in the manual. Given the rare incidents here in Japan, I would think that Nissan will still honour claims anyway but I cant imagine owners whining were they denied. Its hard to explain if you have not lived in this country for a number of years. Believe me, I still wonder why people here do some of the things they do or not do, but thats the beauty of this country and its culture.
  22. First of all, congratulations on the outcome. I dont know the reason behind Mizuno-sans decision but I am sure, he wouldnt have wanted to have any negative publicity nor attention at such an event. Regardless, well done with your desired outcome. Reading this and other comments on Nissan and their warranty or lack of, has made me want to comment. I have owned various models by Nissan both in Australia and here in Japan. I know from my personal experience that they are very good and will absolutely honor a claim, even if not caused by their workmanship. I might be wrong here but I think you guys have 5 years which is actually better than us in Japan as a new car warranty is only 3 years - if this is true count yourselves very lucky. I wonder how all this high claims and negativity effects Nissan when considering releasing the GTR outside of Japan. Generally, Japanese tend to think foreigners as troublesome already and I am sure this adds to their feeling. I remember asking my Nissan service manager about GTR warranty issues and he says that they dont have anywhere near the problems heard outside of Japan. Very few blown transmissions and issues are usually not caused by the same problems like hard launches. For those who know the Japanese culture, understand that they are not one who whines when a problem occurs, especially when something was clearly not meant to be done in the first place. Speeding for example, 19 out of 20 times, they will accept the fine (with a smile in many cases) because they know that they were in the wrong. Personally, I have not launched my car with VDC off. Should I do this and destroy the transmission, I will most probably try to get this replaced under warranty and chances are, they will honor it here. If they were not to do this however, I will also most probably bitch, whine, complain and cause trouble for them but only because I am still a foreigner... Hopefully this helps some of you understand the Japanese culture difference and perhaps how they perceive all this negativity towards the GTR outside of Japan. Final note, my in-laws also own Nissans and I don’t think that I am anymore special than them when it comes to how I should be treated for warranty claims. Just because I bought Nissans top of the line doesn’t ensure I get special privileges.
  23. Based on the dirt in the crack, it seems to have been there for some time. What the yellow marking from?
  24. Not on an R35 wheel but I have had this happen to me. 3 of my old Rays wheels had 2 or 3 of those cracks on them. They were 20 inch wheels on a GTR and I did hit a pot hole which caused it. Are you running on factory suspension?
  25. Not many when compared to back home and even if they are, chances are that they look pretty decent. 8 out of 10 make an effort and take care of their appearance here versus 2 out of 10 back home
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