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  1. Long time since last update, but there has happen a lot lately. First, I bought a house, and been away for 10 weeks the last 15 weeks on work travel, so no fun there, but overall I have driven three races of the four that has been arranged. The First one was in Bergen where I live, and I currently have no videos of it. It was a great race, but engine trouble in the days before and during the race day, I did not manage to do well. First problem was a knocking sound in engine despite having oil pressure, and it started after I had the engine out and back in again. After some trouble shooting, it was that I had managed to change the two lines coming out of the engine, so the flow thru the oil filter was partially blocked. Despite the mistake and trouble, the engine did not take any damage, at least it seems so... On the race day the engine started too go extremely rich on Bank 2 (Right Side of Engine), and it seemed like it was missing a Cylinder or two... I swapped Lambdas to verify the side of engine, checked ECU, Swapped Coil packs from left to right, and tried everything, but the problem was coming and going, and always on right side, so the engine could work fine for one or two rounds, and suddenly in a drift miss a lot of horses... After the finals, I found a faulty wire in the wire harness for right coil pack and cylinder 6 (Number three on right side), made a new signal cable direct from coil too the harness, and It seemed like the problem was gone... But a couple of hours late... The weekend after I was in Oslo, on a Air strip for the Round two of the year, and it was poring down, and the whole weekend went into testing and checking everything, and I made a big mistake of taking it easy in the qualifying rounds, so I did not make it too the top 16... Here is a Video from the race: The third round was in a remote location outside a town in Norway called Trondheim, and the track was on a small isle, three hour drive out into the Ocean... I was currently on a business trip in Denmark, so I took a flight from Denmark too Trondheim, and I had some friend prepare and take my car up too this remote isle, about 13-14 hour drive from my home in Bergen... Thank you very much guys!!! Could not have done it without you!!! This round a lot went wrong, the second round on the track ever, I managed too hit a tire on the inside of the first right hand corner, and pulverize my front bumper... Later that day, someone else hit that exact same tire, and flipped over a couple of times, so I think I was lucky... Later, in the second turn, first Left turn, I went a bit closer to the wall than I wanted, and hit the rear end right into a couple of tires, smashing my rear side, making it 20cm smaller, busting my tail light and so on... not so fun... And one of the times I was twin drifting behind another driver, he stalled in the second turn, but I didn't make the stop, so we hit front on, busting my right headlight, Right front fender, and bent some of the metal in the front, and the bonnet... But the car still worked fine after all the savage... A picture of the damage: A couple of videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuFC0mqBY-U http://www.drifted.com/daniel-hovdahl/even...2001/#more-2001 There was also a car show in Bergen last Weekend, where my Club/Team was responsible for some show and so on, and here is a couple of videos: The fourth round has also been raced, but I did not attend, since I am out of the country for work and I cant rely on someone else transporting my car, and it was 12-13 hour drive from Bergen each way... So this was a large update, hopefully I will be better on updating it more often. See also: http://www.bergendriftteam.no http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?g...6711&ref=ts http://www.powerdrift.no http://www.gatebil.no
  2. Extremely Nice build, and sad to see you sell it, after all that work, and only a taste of all that fun!!
  3. Thanks! Its only a drift car, so damages do happen in the beginning... And it all can be fixed, only cosmetics... Yeas, there are a lot of Supras who is drifting here in Norway. The best drifter here in Norway who is call Fredrik "Halllon" Aasbø, is driving a Toyota Supra, and the only thing he has done with the engine is installing SM4 computer injection, and new MSD coils, and boosted the turbo presure... Making around 3-400rwhp I think... He has also driven the Red Bull World Drift Championship in USA in 2008, and came in on 11th place I think, with a similar Red Supra... And in October 2009, He attended Formula D in the USA, but was beaten by Samuel Hubinette in a Supercharged Dodge Viper... You can read more here: http://www.prodriftseries.com/2009/10/27/f...ale-experience/
  4. Here are some pictures: More pictures can be seen here: www.coffe.dk
  5. I just found a video from the last day at Rudskogen, and some driving from me... Not the best driving dough... http://www.autobloggen.net/?p=464 (press on the black field under the first texts) and just some cool driving from crazy Norwegians... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VIFDTaYJKw...feature=related
  6. Long time since I last made a update, but there havent been any thing til report. I fixed the trouble with the throttle cable, and it made a enormous difference... I tried the car two weeks after the baad start on the "season" in Bergen, on a large track in Oslo (Capital of Norway). And the car worked perfect!! exept for small things like bolts that got loose and not big enaugh main fuse... I used the car the whole friday and saturday without problems, and the sunday started with a couple of small problems, like the fuse always blowing (120A automatic fuse), fuel delivery problems (Probarbly because of the fuse), and loose nuts and bolts on the suspension... Causing me too damage both the left and right rear sides, rear bumper and front bumper, and too top it off, I blew the rear axle on the start plate in 3rd gear... When I start the car, I need to start rolling the car in 2nd or 3rd gear, or it only spins.. So I started the car in 2nd, gently released the clutch, and press the pedal to the floor, and the car whent off spinning, Changed to 3rd, gently and pushed the pedal and begaun to spin, and PANG And the car would not roll any more... When I got back home, I saw that all the teaths on the ring gear and Pinion gear was completly broken off... So since that I have prioritised the job, to make mony for the repairs, and tried to get a hold of a new rear axle... If I find any pictures or videos from the weekend at the "Rudskogen Motorsenter", I will post it here. Now the time has catched up to me, and the car needs to be ready at the latest 8. may, because this is the first track day for the season...
  7. Hi everyone! Time for a update! I have now completed the first contest, and the car barely survived... On the thursday, we had a training, but, the clutch gave away completly after two laps on the small track, so I did not drive much... It turns out that the origional clutch that was in the engine (Corvette Clutch) was pulverized.. I will try and get some pictures of it... I then I got a clutch that I needed to modify to fit, but it worked... On the race day, there where some heavy rain... and a couple of adjustment failures and a edgy throttle, made the car impossible to drive... And the damage result is: Left and Right rear fenders Left and Right side skirts Rear bumper parts of exhaust was damaged, but no big things... I have borrowed some pictures from a local photographer calling him self HHENR. ( all pictures can bee seen here: http://www.hhenr.com/powerdrift09/ Pictures of my car: And the driver of this car is a friend of mine, and the car is a 180SX Sileighty, with a LS1 Cammed engine... I will fix a ned ZOOM D2 Twin plate clutch, better throttle and patch up the sides, and go racing next weekend, hopefully on a dry track. At least the track is large that this one...
  8. Hi everyone! I have been testing the car on the track yesterday (Rented the track for me and my brother for testing that the cars actually works), and the car is just awsome to drive! It feels like it has unlimited power, and is relatively easy to drive. But I managed to damage the rear right fiberglass panel and the rear bumper and exhaust... When I managed to loose control and slide backwards into a pile of dirt... All the damage is easy to fix, and the exhaust is allready straightend out, just need to weld a hole in the pipe... The temperature never went over 96*C on the water and 85-90 on the oil., But I discovered that I need to change the spark plugs and cluch, because it is allready strugling with the engine... I do not have too much pictures, and no video or audio, but next thursday, we have a full training day, and I will get some video and audio from that, and I have a race the 29th, here where I live...
  9. Hi everyone! I wanted to update everyone of my progress... This saturday me and my brother Cato was out testing the car, and it runs awsome! Even whithout a proper tune, it goes like hell!!! When I was in one of our many long tunnels here on the West Coast of Norway, laying around 70-80km/h, in fourth gear (1700-2000rpm), I flored the throtle to see how much power I had in the car... When it hit aproximly 4000rpm, it started to spin, and I almost shit my pants, since I wasn't prepared... And I thought something wasn't right, so I tried it again, and every time I did this, it started to spin at 3500-4000rpm... in 4th gear... The tires I'm running is 235/40-18 Road Slick (Race Tires)... after some driving, the car completly died... Noting worked, no lights, fans, starter or engine... And after some help with towing out of the tunnel, and borowing of a flashlight, I managed to narow the fault down to a faulty fuse, but the fuse looked like it was in a good condition. So I tooked the fuse from the cooling fans, and got the engine and lights back on... then I got a horrific houling noice from the rear axel/differential... And found out after I got the car back in the garage, that the fault was two parts, one was a oil leak, that drained the oil from the differential... Than the differential was spaced wrong, and did not compensate for the ring gears to get hot, and was jamming... We may have a training day in a week, and then I will get some video and pictures, but this time, we where driving at night, and therefore did not take any photos or videos.
  10. Too bad that the rocker arms are failing, but it is good to know that they are easy to replace... What brand of rocker arms are you choosing if it is the rocker arms that are the problem? I hade a test run with my car on the road this saturday, and the CAM I am using is just mean!!! Without proper tuning (Running between 11.0 and 11.5 AFR) I managed to get it to spin at aprox. 4000 rpm in 4th gear... Started rolling at 2000rpm in 4th gear and floored the throtle, and I am running 235/40-18 Road Slicks... Hoping that the Rocker arm change works for you!
  11. A small update! I have been working like hell trying to get the engine to run properly, and with exelent help from RWTD on HPTuners Forum for base tuning and Idle Dial In, I got it to run! It sound mean and angry! I also finished some small things that needed to be finished, like battery box, tow hooks and some other small things... I will try the car on the road this saturday and sunday, and If I remember to take video, I will post them. My first race is on 29.august, but hopefully I will get some training before that. Thanks for all the good comments!
  12. Thank you wery much! Thank you! I did mention it earlier, when I bought the body kit, and when I was looking for the headlights... They where a nightmare to locate... New aftermarket headlight was between 2000 and 3000 USD. These used one I paid around 800 USD, and where the cheepest one I could locate... Thank you! When I get it to run propaly, I will upload a video. Thank you! Only small things left, like Battery Mount, Rear Axel cooling, Tow Hook in the rear. And getting the engine to run properly... I'm in contact with some people in the US, on the HP Tuner Web site, who is helping me getting the engine running like it should. While I'm trying to track down a tuner in Norway, who has the knolege too tune the engine. Hopefully I will get in contact with him during this week...
  13. Pictures would be nice! I know that at least one has done this conversion with a R32 and a 2JZ here in norway and one who has buildt a R32 with a 1JZ in England (Great Britain) http://www.driftworks.com/forum/drift-car-...ne-1jz-gte.html But I love conversions....
  14. Update: A late but long awaited update... The car is almost finished, I have been working my ass of on the car, but did not make my deadline which was 3.July... I was beaten by a half finished exhaust, witch was to noysy, Seatbelts was not mounted and a lot of other small important things... But I managed to get it to the wheel alignment on the 1. July and decoration on the 30. June. The engine runs, Almost... I have a couple of tubes I dont know where they should go, and awaiting answer... But I have it started, and Watercooling and Oil Cooling looks great, Clutch works Great, Hydraulic handbrake worked Exelent, but the pedal box was more trouble than I bargened for... With the 1" master Cilynder, I could not lock the wheels. (See earlier in the thread for why using 1" master Cilynder). I borrowed some 0.875" and I could lock the wheels, but I cant say if they are good enauch until I test the car on the track. But I have ordered some 0.750" that would give me more power if the one I have install don't work. The radiator and fan needed some modification to fit in front of the engine, but I managed to pull it off, and is sitting perfectly. An now, a bunch of pictures: (Sorry for them beeing so large)
  15. Congratulation with a Baby girl! Sorry for beeing so late with the gratulation, but I stopped recieving E-Mail when this thread is updated... How is she? Found a name for her? Best Wishes Morten and Caroline
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