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  1. Hi all just an update on removing the speed limiter. after no help and no options as speed cut defenders rely on an ecu pin out and they just don’t exist for the v35 vq25 and totally different to other vq25 models. figured let’s start with abs as that’s how it get is speed signal off the wheel sensors. First I pulled the abs fuses but speedo still worked, then unplugged the abs ecu still have speedo. Then unplugged the abs motor and the speedo stopped. pulled the loom back and found that only 5 wires it could be as 2 are power, 2 are negative and then 4 pairs of wires twisted so I assumed they where going to the wheel sensors. So I was left with 5 wires that it could be. Started by by cutting the blue one but wasn’t it. then cut the red/yellow and it was the one! Abs still works but speedo and speed limiter gone! connected they up to a switch on the dash for now so I can switch it on and off, when I have more time I will work out the signal/voltage range and put in and voltage/signal hold at 180.
  2. Thank you!!!! Have found him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ITSROM/ sent a message now to wait for a reply with hopefully a yes!
  3. Had a few issues with ours. first the pickup fuel pump that’s in the tank that feeds the high pressure pump was shot, I would go and replace it, I used a little aeroflow intank pump from eBay $80. next flat power after 3000rpm, there is a bunch of solidnoids on the front of the engine connected to vacuumed lines, these control a set of throttle bodies inside the intake plenum runs, for us it was an easy fix we ripped them out and welded the shaft holes. Maybe not the best in road car will lose low end power. Afm die very easy! Ordered a replacement and even that was dead! Order 3 different ones of eBay at like $20 each brand new and the next one arrived worked so kept the others as spares. hope this helps with what we have come across so far.
  4. They don’t hence why I asked does anyone know what wires to snip? Or does anyone have a 250gt vq25dd ecu pin out? Cant find anything online regarding vq25dd ecu pin out so any help is appreciated. And yes they are totally different across all the vq models.
  5. Show me a tunner that can do this then! Not as simple as that it’s a vq25dd I can’t find anything on remaps or rom edits for this ecu. Can’t even find a ecu pinout......
  6. Hi All After a hand our lemon 24 hour car is now hitting the speed limiter (first time its gone 190kmph!) at Sandown at the SAU track day on the weekend. Car is a 2003 250GT and has the horrid VQ25DD engine, it is running the 6 speed conversion but we are hitting the limiter down the straights now. We are planning on running the lemons at the Bend so we need it gone. Need to know what wires to snip! dont care about speedo working but need to keep the ABS on as we use it for mates to come and have a go at track time so we have amateurs behind the wheel. https://www.facebook.com/anotherdrunkidearacing
  7. Have popped up some in car video of the day. https://www.facebook.com/anotherdrunkidearacing/ If anyone is wondering this car cost $800 from pickles auctions, its a VQ25 not a VQ35 and only makes 90rwkw but is a hell of a lot of fun and its been the best to get mates out and having some fun! ps. if anyone knows how to kill the speed limiter without affecting the speedo and ABS let me know!
  8. Few photos of the day, didnt get too many only had the camera out for little bit.
  9. I will be bringing the teams lemon car out for some fun. https://www.facebook.com/anotherdrunkidearacing/
  10. Go see Protek Automotive they designed there own and can fit an tune correctly. factory CAS are ribbish if your trying to use them on anything but stock ecu or PFC. for some reason the Pfc can just read the factory CAS without issues. what happens is the factory CAS gets interference at high rpm on other ecu’s and we have seen 10deg in timing jump while running with a scope at high rpm. This is not something your normal tuner or mechanic can see or do, you would be shocked at some big name tunners actually take the customers cars to Dom at Protek Automotive for these kits. Dom has been doing trigger kits and works directly with haltech and link to put in custom peramitors into the ecu to actually read the trigger kits correctly. Unles your tunner has a scope and has done it before don’t waste your time. Hope this helps
  11. Hi all, After some r33 gtst turbo front rotors new or used. Thy are for our lemon 24hour car, need a spare set to take to winton in April don’t mind if they are worn a little they are just for spares. Don’t want to spend much if anything but will pay. Even if you have used pads? Anything handy for spares. Pm me
  12. Hi Craig how did you go getting the cage? I’m searching for a bolt in option for v35 sedan.
  13. Any chance you have the full calander like last year with majority of the track days?
  14. Hi All thought I’d throw the question up here as I have spend hours trying to find some. need some true endurance pads to fit r33 gtst front standard 4pots. Found plenty of race pads and the closest compound for endurance is Project U 777 pads. Reason I need these is I have fitted the standard r33 front calipers to our lemon 24hr car, car isn’t fast but if I can get a proper endurance pad it will mean we won’t have to stop to change the pads at all, maybe a rotor change if it comes to it.
  15. Head unit sold and Din console sold! All other interior parts still available! Also factory air box $50
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