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  1. kinchrome do sell the bit required. it is a t50 tamperproof torx bit. about $25 for the set. I enquired about a replacement and the guy at nissan service couldn't even help me with it or tell me what it does. This thread is the most help i have had. Less than 2 minutes.... impressive. Cheers.
  2. I sorted my dramas. i just created a new gallery and it put it in there then moved photos acros from the old one.
  3. Hey Christian, I can access my gallery if i go into "My Controls" at the top of the page then on the side menu under "Invision Gallery" click the link "your albums and then i can get into it but i used to be able to just click "SAU Gallery" then click "Member's Gallery" and it would be under there but it isn't anymore but other peoples are? I don't know how to get it to go under there?? I don't think the gallery is working right.
  4. I live in the bald hills area and it is a good place to live. It is a 29 min train ride from the city centre. I have lived in Bald Hills for most of my life so i know the go. bracken ridge is ok too but has some older housing commission type housing. I have lived at Annerley and Stafford too and i hate the traffic on the southside it is super congested when you have to drive to work. Stafford is nice and fairly central but property prices have gone up and up there. I am more a northside man than south and bracken ridge is a good in between for work and ease of cruising up the coast, out to redcliffe and has some reasonable properties at the right price. my 2c.
  5. good work. i am about to make a pod for my Apexi SAF-C to mount in the middle of the dash in my R33 and might employ the plaster method to get the shape i want. cheers.
  6. My car has the same thing with the fuel vapour, when i have just started the car you can see the vapours escaping from the filler cap area. yes the cap is done up tight before somebody makes that comment again. i thought it may have just been a pressure build up from the the fuel coming out of the return line into the tank and vapourising a small amount therefore pressurising the tank and venting it at the filler cap. anyway that is my thoughts...
  7. I was wondering if you guys know of anywhere on the northside to go for a wheel alignment on my R33 it has the Hicas and didn't know if this would cause problems for most places? i did a search and i found that some people recomended bob jane at toombul? I appreciate any input anyone has that has had a wheel alignment at a particular shop. how much did it cost also... Cheers, Danno.
  8. the ones in the wheel arches are gone on my car i lost one in a drifting accident, as well as the the front bar the to create symetry i ripped the other one off.. nice. my whole front end used to be zip tied on, imagine what the world would have been like without zip ties... terrible. seriously though i put the new front bar on and i haven't worried about the wheel arch gaurds and i have had no issues for 4 months or so.
  9. i am between stafford and bald hills. you'll only see me at night or on the weekend generally.
  10. i have one of the hybrid intercoolers and piping kits on my vehicle and it works well but i found that after a bit of constant auto abuse it got a little hot and didn't perform as well as i thought it should so i wrapped the piping it in that fibreglass ehaust wrap and it worked fantastically. the wrap covers from the compressor to where the piping leaves the engine bay and from where the piping re-enters the engine bay post intercooler up to the factory piping. see the link for a picture of this. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/photopost...&cat=500&page=1
  11. it's difficult to change to white. i have white wheels on my line and they look great but are hard to keep clean. they give it that circuit racer look.
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