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  1. Be interesting to see where Dan ends up next year. Anyone got any advice for him?
  2. If you are consistently locking one side and not the other your corner weighting is probably out. If you are locking one axle and not the other your bias is out. If you have too much bite then change pads. Ferodo DS2500's aren't known for being bitey. What brand pads do you have? Find some non fire proof racing shoes shouldn't cost you much more than $100 or so. Fancy ones start at twice that.
  3. Are your pedals standard? Do you wear proper shoes when on the track rather than your normal Doc Martins or whatever people wear nowadays. They make a huge difference. Try practicing with no shoes on. If you are consistently locking rears the chances are your bias is out. If you brake hard without the car in gear does it lock up the back end? If the answer is yes it may well be the case. Quickest fix is then to get some rear pads with a lower coefficient of friction.
  4. Hmm, went through the same process, slightly different result.
  5. Just out of interest (Doubtless has been asked) but how much for the canister?
  6. This is out of the R32 GTR manual.
  7. You would have to ask whomever runs the series if: A: You have to register for the series itself or if you can participate without entering the championship. B: If any CAMS affiliated car club is ok or if you have to be a member from what is on their list. The car clubs listed on the website look like a bunch of flat cap types but the cars in the photos aren't, so who knows. To get a level 2 license you need to be a member of an affiliated car club. This covers you off from the licensing point of view. NFI what is required for the series itself but usually it is simply a matter of entering, paying money to the organisers and them not caring who's club you are in.
  8. CAMS CLUB FINDER Keyword: AllACTNSWNTQLDSATASVICWAState: 4 results found MELBOURNE, VIC Classic Skylines Australia INC Race, Social, Speed Read more DRUMMOYNE, NSW Skylines Australia NSW Incorporated Race, Social, Speed, Autotest Read more NUNDAH, QLD Skylines Australia Qld Inc Race, Social, Speed, Autotest Read more ROSANNA, VIC Skylines Australia VIC Inc Race, Social, Speed
  9. Strolls old man now part owns Williams. Hard to say no to that if you are the other team owners. Sadly it looks like Williams will be at the back of the midfield this year.
  10. Legend has it Brabham left Coopers (As did Bruce McLaren) due to Charlie's (or John can't remember who was the father) unwillingness to develop and reinvest. Problem solved by teaming up with Tauranac to form Motor Racing Developments. For what it's worth Tauranac had some input into Coopers designs that Brabham drove in the latter years. Brabham was a giant of a man in every sense. Sadly they don't make them like that anymore. Same for Ron Tauranac. Can only imagine how awesome it would have been as a kid to see all that. Would have been mid sixties?
  11. Couple things. Verstappens old man has some coin (Jos used to drive for Benetton. That famous photo of the thing on fire during refuelling - that's him in there.). He doesn't pay Redbull anything. You are probably thinking of Sirotkin in the other Williams. It's more a comment on Willaims not having enough coil to pay drivers but they reckon Sirotkin to be able to drive. They would say that but who knows. All lower formula driver bring money. It's how it works. Jack Brabham did not design his Brabham race cars. A bloke called Ron Tauranac did. He is a crusty old grump but a brilliant engineer. Brabham Ralt Honda is what his biography is called. Worth finding and reading. Good to see Kimi on the front row and the Renaults going well.
  12. Don't you dare tell that to the ceramic coating brigade.
  13. Plazmaman cooler finally turned up. Surprisingly easy when you go to a shop that actually processes your order. Anyway will get around to fitting it once I've cleaned up this mess.