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  1. To be fair you will struggle to get a meaningful comparison. I have a torque controller but as for making a comparison with another I have absolutely no clue. FWIW the stock system on a road car is, when working properly, not a terrible thing. Guess Ill ask anyway but what are you wanting to get out of your controller? What deficiencies in the attessa system are you not enjoying? Reason for asking is there is a history of worn or inadequately bled systems causing problems.
  2. Pardon my ignorance but how "shit" is that. We get 98 RON fuel but when originally sold in Australia there was only 95 octane which gtr's ran happily on for years. Is your 87/89/91 AKI about the same as 91/95/98 RON or do you need to be 93 or 94 to get a 98 RON equivalent?
  3. Do you have the old ones and do they have part numbers on them?
  4. Remove the belts driving the alternator aircon water pump etc and have another listen.
  5. That is a solid number for 2530’s. Out of interest what cams does it/did it have?
  6. You have doubtless been asked this any number of times but why an RB and not an LS?
  7. Understand that the fuel pump will probably sh!t itself at some point in the future. They don’t enjoy pumping water.
  8. Car should have had a clear coat when it was built. Would expect that it has been rubbed off. Look, have a crack it may not work but, really, its not like you are going to make it any worse.
  9. Yeah track rotors die by cracking. Road rotors either warp or run out of thickness. Cant see the sense in paying twice as much for a rotor just becasue it has slots in it.
  10. Then dont waste money on slotted rotors as they only make a difference on the track and even then not much. They do, on the other hand, do as below. Just go buy some RDA rotors. Cheap and they work just fine. Worry more about the pad than the rotor.
  11. Well I reckon he has too but the three or four things I would start with are: Check power supply to control unit and any other oddball modified shit someone may have done be it there or elswehere. Change out control unit with a known good one. Check blend door. Check mode door. Ofcourse that is assuming the Humphrey B Bear has refrigerant in it and the compressor etc goes round.
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