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  1. djr81

    You mean these numbers?
  2. Don't leave it dripping as brake fluid will trash your paintwork.
  3. djr81

    So for a baseline do you have a dyno chart of the 384kW pull?
  4. djr81

    I used these folk.
  5. djr81

    To use Rays as an example their CE28's have just about every PCD known to man shown on the rim. How they drill/forge/machine/make the hub determines the PCD and the offset (to an extent). It is the same forging which makes sense from a manufacturing point of view. So, for example the +22 & +15 CE28's shown below are the same forging, just machined 7mm different. You cant tell them apart from the outside, only by looking at the back of the hub. It also has 4x114.3, VIA, 5x100 & 4x100 shown on it. It is a 5x114.3 PCD rim.
  6. djr81

    I would recommend: 1. Take photos of it with an inch of dust on everything. 2. Repair it back to as stock as you can make it. 3. Call it a survivor car. 4. Profit.
  7. djr81

    Not fun. The root cause of it all is blowby. Around Wanneroo RB's should be fine. Before you chuck any bandaids on it check the compression. Also as has been said check the remaining oil for go fast glitter.
  8. Looking at the photo, the tyres are six years old, so not actually worth very much.
  9. Same here. Where do I go to collect my $20?
  10. Pretty sure that reasonably fit for purpose and hektik in fitment are not the same thing. Again: If someone asked you now what size & offset you wanted, what would the answer be? For that matter what size & offset did they sell you?
  11. "How often and what percentage of people order custom wheels, to know what information needs to be provided to get it right ?" Nearly all of them. In fact I would say 100% other than you didn't. The almost inevitable outcome of not specifying what you want is you get whatever is served up. Which in this case you didn't like. Out of interest if someone asked you now what size & offset you wanted, what would the answer be? For that matter what size & offset did they sell you?
  12. 1. Moot. not mute. 2. "They didn’t do due diligence and take no responsibility when the wheels don’t fit" Whereas you did? 3. You needed to specify what you wanted, not what you wanted it for. Simply put failing to correctly specify the offset you wanted is down to you.
  13. What was wrong with what drenj222 had? If it is the condition of the material under the covers they are all like that. You have to go and buy some material and fit it yourself.
  14. They are just a basic cyclone. Pretty easy to get one fabbed up in aluminium. The other thing commonly used is a sintered brass bush. Like this:.
  15. djr81