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  1. If it is a sudden stop it is likely to be electrical. If it stumbles a bit it may be more fuel. I once had a Falcon that would just shutdown after fifteen minutes or so - it was heat soak to an old coil. Can you hear the fuel pump running when the engine stops?
  2. In separate and ENTIRELY UNRELATED NEWS the NRMA are building a EV charging network. Probably a great idea for all you inner city latte sipping hipsters but for us folk who dont live in a capital city things may be a little challenging. What you need to drive more than 400kms in a day? No chance. Hell we cant even buy E85 down this way.
  3. Ah, ok. Was expecting it to be the same as the RB26 part. Sorry. http://www.kudosmotorsports.com/catalog/valve-suit-nissan-skyline-rb26dett-p-2196.html
  4. Sorry to go off topic but can anyone confirm the pcv thread size and type?
  5. No worries. Just didnt want to allow the town to get slaped.
  6. As a long time resident of Bunbury I have to protest at its good name being dragged into whatever this thread is about.
  7. Just get a small solar panel to keep the battery charged and a regulator if you are paranoid. Assuming you get some actual sun every now and then it works a treat. For all of $50.
  8. https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/general-books/sport/Race-Across-the-World-John-Smailes-9781760632533
  9. Does this help? https://www.rayswheels.co.jp/products/parts.php?lang=en&r=0&f=3
  10. So you need a low pressure device that will spread the water out over the cars' panels? You're welcome.
  11. All well and good but how wide are they? I ask becasue some of us blokes have child bearing hips.
  12. As I said previously go and look at the Mishimoto catch cans.
  13. The way it is set up is broadly the same as the NIsmo can if that makes you feel any better. You put a restrictor in it so the turbo doesnt hoover the guts out of your can and taking the oil with it. Dont use steel wool, use a sintered brass item as per mishimoto. https://www.mishimoto.com.au/automotive/oil-catch-cans.html
  14. Looks ok in the tiny pic. Does it have a really small orifice plate in between the turbo inlet and the catch can?
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