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  1. The clearancing is done to allow the larger cam lobes to rotate. They do not have any effect for the smaller lobes. There is no change for the caps etc.
  2. Nice result. Good to see someone not going for a stroker/single/E85 build.
  3. R33 ECU is 4 bar for the pnp version.
  4. Just curious about this. Link say it is 4 bar.
  5. In the olden days when we wanted to check if a thermostat was opening we would chuck it in a pot of water on the stove. Turn it on and wait for the thing open. Or not.
  6. Ah no worries. I think I found it ( After creating an account). frenchys.pg@gmail.com I liked the look of their CAS conversion. https://frenchysperformancegarage.com/products/nissan-rb-crank-angle-sensor-modification-24-1 Its stock occifer, honest.....
  7. Do you happen to know if the Frenchys people have an email address or anything old fashioned like a phone so I can speak to somebody about thei CAS trigger? Just that their contacts page is blank.
  8. How difficult is it to get the tiles off the wall without completely stuffing up the plasterboard?
  9. The brass ring (an orifice plate) should be there. The pipe cleaner shouldnt.
  10. Ah well that has changed significantly. I had another look and the freight is now down to less than $100. So I guess what Iw ould have paid in freight now goes on the part. Did you get enough bolts with the lip to attach it or just a handful or do you have to order them separate?
  11. You want to see the price for freighting the damn thing to WA.
  12. If it is a sudden stop it is likely to be electrical. If it stumbles a bit it may be more fuel. I once had a Falcon that would just shutdown after fifteen minutes or so - it was heat soak to an old coil. Can you hear the fuel pump running when the engine stops?
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