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  1. Spring rates like that will give you three things: 1 Understeer. 2. Good traction. 3. Harsh front end. Essentially if you don't get bored understeering around corners you will get good traction if you can ever get on the gas. If you look at Nismo S tune spring rates you will see they are higher on the rear than the front. 6.0kg/mm front 6.7kg/mm rear. Much more sensible rates.
  2. Wow. OK. Understeeeeeeeeeeer. Looked up the Cusco ones as a comparison (%'s compared to stock). Front Cusco 24 dia, 192% stiffer. ARC 30 dia (From your number) 240% stiffer. Rear Cusco 30 dia , 162% stiffer. ARC 30 dia 180% stiffer. Guessing ARC quote the numbers with the drop links on their hardest setting.
  3. Front and rear the same diameter?
  4. Where did you get them from - and what diameter are they?
  5. Take a photo and post it. The Nissan pipe will have a small orifice (Restrictor) in is. Does your new piping? PCV = Positive Crank ventilation. When you have manifold vacuum it will suck the blowby out of the sump. It is usually on the exhaust cam side of the engine half way along. What did you do to the piping on this side?
  6. Why do you want roll if you have aero? Roll stops the front splitter working properly.
  7. You haven't listed any injectors. Given,for example, the Nismo I/C isn't needed and costs a bomb I can't work out your intent. Sell the turbo and get something good,. It's probably the most important bit on the whole bill. You list, to be honest reads a bit like its 1990. EG Apexi is old, old tech.
  8. You don't empty the sump. But you can easily put enough in a catch can that firing over kerbs splashes oil everywhere (out the breather) and makes a mess. So it works better with an empty catch can. The oil is invariably stinking hot anyway. Hot enough to boil off any ethanol (if that is what you are running) and water. Also to burn the crap out of your hands when you spill it after touching the stinking hot engine/radiator hoses etc etc. Sure you can wait until it cools but then you lose half your track time. Anyway point is if you are thinking of changing oil do it AFTER the track day. Because what you are seeing is condensation.
  9. Kiwi's will be pleased. Must be something in the water over there these days.
  10. Its because its a sport car not an SUV designed for people to drive whilst sleeping. ANCAP CEO James Goodwin ... slammed the lack of speed assistance systems, lane support systems, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning and rear seat belt reminders, but also the physical crash performance. In response, Ford Australia external communications head Martin Günsberg said ....“The overall Euro NCAP rating is based on four pillars (Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Pedestrian Protection and Safety Assist), with a very strong focus on family car and SUV safety characteristics and specific safety assist features, which are usually not part of the standard equipment of cars in the Mustang category,” he stated. “Mustang delivered a four-star result for Adult Occupant Protection, a three-star result for Child Occupant Protection and a five-star result for Pedestrian Protection. However, a two-star result in the Safety Assist pillar determined the overall result of a two-star rating. “The Mustang features a suite of advanced safety features as standard including an ‘active’ pop-up bonnet, as well as driver and front passenger airbags, front and passenger knee airbags. It also offers standard side airbags, side chest airbags and driver/passenger side impact airbags. A driver and front passenger seatbelt reminder system is standard.”
  11. You want to get the blowby in the sump out of the engine without it having to go through the oil gallery. So if you can connect a line to the pan above the oil level then you can hook the other end into your catch can. Which is the age old fix for engines with oil carry over in the blowby.
  12. If you want to lower the pressure you need to replace the spring with another, softer one. I did this on mine but its a Tomei not a Nismo pump and it easy as it has an external adjustment. Frankly I wouldn't bother.
  13. Its like a competition to see who can spend the most on engine oil. If it is synthetic it will be more than good enough. When the RB26 came out (Back in the olden days - 1989) Nissan only ever recommended a semi synthetic oil. The worst synthetic you can buy now is going to be much better than that. But yeah spend up on pretty coloured boxes and marketing. Or just buy what's on special. As an aside Penrite promises to have loads on zinc in it which is no bad thing.
  14. Skylines are good for minimum track days cause mostly they are broken. Depends what you want from your track day. Because $100k of R32 goes pretty hard.
  15. “It’s not very often you get to launch a car that will change the perception of the brand, and that’s exactly what we think the Stinger will do,” said Damien Meredith, Kia Australia’s chief operating officer. Whether it is any good or not is irrelevant. By the criteria Kia have jobs already done.