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  1. Nismo twin plate doesn’t rattle, so you wont know it is there. I have the competition version which is a bit grabby with the copper in it but the lower torque version should be better in that regard.
  2. https://www.nengun.com/oem/group/MjU5MDI1IC0gTWZDZm1vQllNX0NmbTdCTmRrTm1iVzlDV1UxZlEyWnRiMFpNVEZSUk5VNTVNSGROUkUwIC0gUG93ZXItc3RlZXJpbmcgUGlwaW5nIDxjaGFzc2lzPg==
  3. Has good spanners. Uses the cheap stuff so doesnt ruin his good spanners....😊
  4. There is an oil cooler for that circuit standard. You can replace it with something a little larger (Its just a finned tube) if you want.
  5. Maybe. The Skyline headlights are rubbish. From memory you need to make changes to GTST headlights to allow them to fit a GTR grill
  6. They look decent. What size/offset you chasing becasue the only one close is 18*9.5 +15 on a centre bore of 77mm which is the wrong one?
  7. Guessing he is advocating N1 headlights. Personally Id stick with what you have.
  8. Unknown sensor is for exhaust temperature - it is supposed to plug into the catalytic converter which you may not have. The resistors may relate to the type of injector you are running but usually they are on the drivers side (RHS) - sorry passengers side (RHS) of the engine. Um, near the engine. Anyway you may need to have a look for a couple things: A decent air temperature sender unit. A set of injectors and the resistor bypass thingo. As you mention Link ecu's have a read of this: https://www.nzefi.com/product/link-g4-plug-in-nissan-skyline-r32-r34-gtr/
  9. The first number is the tyre width. The second number is the aspect ratio (ie the wall height relative tot he tyre width). The third number is the rim size it sits on (in inches). The standard tyre size will be written on a placard on the car - isually on a door frame or in the gloverbox. I think you meant 225/50/16 fitted to your car. Which is I think the standard size.
  10. Speedhumps can be an interesting experience when you arent expecting them... Looks like you have made a good start. If you want a tip it is bag and label everything. Also take loads of photos as you dismantle stuff.
  11. Stay with period stuff. BBS LM's, Rays TE37's. Do not go for Rota's or hektik fitment.
  12. You will find Nissan uses one bolt for a bunch of different things so its not all lost.
  13. See below for the worlds shittest explanation via Microsoft Paint.
  14. Leftie loosie.... You should be undoing the bottom thread first. Assuming it is a right handed thread it is anti clockwise. That separates the two collars and you can then adjust the top one.
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