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  1. Yeah I realise that I was advocating buying a second hand GTR diff and shimming it tighter rather than spending large on a Nismo clunk fest.
  2. You don't have to spend money on NIsmo tax. The stock GTR diff can be shimmed tighter for more LSD, albeit two way. Don't get a 2 way Nismo under any circumstances as even the 1.5 way is stupidly tight and goes clunkety clunkety cluck whenever your are foolish enough to try and turn a corner. May as well be welded shut for the vast amounts of understeer is causes.
  3. Coarse is 1.0mm Fine is 0.75mm
  4. Try searching for M7x20 set screw. These are the wrong length but you get the idea:
  5. Just a marginally larger area under the curve for the same lift/stated duration. Wouldn't hurt but more like Tomei needs to freshen their product up a bit.
  6. If I get high impedence injectors can I run them with an RB20/RB25 injector harness? Can I do this on a Power FC?
  7. This sort of thing for injectors? Or is there somewhere else recommended? Or do you/can you use an RB20 harness (My existing one is obviously pretty old and may not enjoy being messed with)
  8. Yeah I don't really want to get into the tuna thing. Perth is a hopeless case when it comes to such discussions and the nonsense that gets talked about them does my head in (EG He is brilliant but doesn't answer his phone, only works for friends of friends, etc etc etc). Anyway the problem with the current setup broadly comes down to niceness, logging and the following on every full noise gear change.
  9. I would like to make 500hp. I am not after screwing the last cent out of it but just want a decent result without going stupid.
  10. RB26 ECU questions I have an RB26 which was assembled with technology current at the time when Noah was a boy. It runs the following (On petrol because I cannot get E85 within 100 miles of home) Bang up to the minute Power FC ECU. Sard 700cc injectors. Z32 AFM's. Blitz dual solenoid boost controllers (Which actually works pretty well) Various cams (256 inlet, 252 exhaust), turbos (-5's), cam gears and other things. The car runs 20lb and makes an amount of powahs that can only be described as insufficient. I have a thought that an ECU upgrade (not so much for the powah but to make the thing drive nicer, idle, etc etc and to be able to hook it into my data logger) may be in order and a Link G4 is on the list of likely options. Are the injectors ok as I cant work out the impedence etc references and reconcile them with the ballast resistor blather RB20 types go on with. Do I need to replace and/or fit anything to the injectors to work with the ECU? Of the options available from Link are they worth the money? Can anyone offer commentary on how they found the tuning experience/results with the ECU?
  11. Surely not? Nothing wrong with ramming someone then pulling alongside them to do it again. If Hamilton wasn't there he wouldn't have hit him, so clearly the blame should be 50-50. Mean while at Force it India things are all sweetness and light. Is there a decent story anywhere about Ferrari supposedly burning oil as fuel? Horner was pretty straight forward about that on the grid.
  12. Piston rings don't wear out in 1000 miles. What does happen is people don't bed them in properly and they never work from the start. How did you run the engine in after start up?
  13. The HKS blow off valve you should replace with the standard recirculating system. The fuel smell is unlikely to be from this so you should try and find it elsewhere. No one likes smelling like arse but then again having your car catch on fire is even less enjoyable.
  14. Yeah its comprehensive. Practice telecast puts me to sleep on a Friday night however. Did laugh at Dan chucking their reporter in the pool at Monaco.
  15. Been like that for approximately ages. There was some decent racing in Canada, albeit for minor places.