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  1. djr81

    Just get a small solar panel to keep the battery charged and a regulator if you are paranoid. Assuming you get some actual sun every now and then it works a treat. For all of $50.
  3. Does this help?
  4. So you need a low pressure device that will spread the water out over the cars' panels? You're welcome.
  5. All well and good but how wide are they? I ask becasue some of us blokes have child bearing hips.
  6. djr81

    As I said previously go and look at the Mishimoto catch cans.
  7. djr81

    The way it is set up is broadly the same as the NIsmo can if that makes you feel any better. You put a restrictor in it so the turbo doesnt hoover the guts out of your can and taking the oil with it. Dont use steel wool, use a sintered brass item as per mishimoto.
  8. djr81

    Looks ok in the tiny pic. Does it have a really small orifice plate in between the turbo inlet and the catch can?
  10. Where did you site your oil cooler?
  11. Sorry if I didnt look in the right spot - did you get the rims re-coated? If so is it powder coated. I only ask as I have some Bronze CE28's I want to turn into titanium silver CE28's.
  12. This may sound harsh but it is solid advice. Get a new workshop. You dont destroy a cam belt, lose compression and then start looking at injectors for the fault. BTW - it was their fault.
  13. djr81

    Only other thing I can think of is the seat angle on the sheel nuts may be wrong?