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  1. I'll be back for sure. Worked out I did more laps at speed at last years at Challenge Bathurst than I did for the whole weekend at Bathurst 6hr - and we finished the race on the lead lap.
  2. Well it runs clockwise so it is mostly right turns. And what left turns there are are quite slow. (There's really just the one hairpin left)
  3. Pete - more power AND better aero than a brick.
  4. The top takes some learning. I definitely learnt more again last week from my previous visit.
  5. killerwasps FTW. I was 1.2s faster than Chris in S2 (Cutting to Elbow) and he was still 4s faster than me in total. lol
  6. Those speeds are good! I was 255/218 in my bus. Drunken - I think we are going to be team mates at 6hr next year. CXC are going to run my car for me instead of MPC - so I'll bring the squad up to 4 cars. Locked it in with Dylan this morning. Not doing it with Rod next year though - he's building an A45. I have a mate Karl joining me instead who can steer ok. 135 days to go!
  7. Damn oath. I even got a big ass trophy that says Class A Bathurst Champion which is right up there in the cool stakes. Such a cool event - was so much less stress that a proper race weekend there. At least once every session I just backed off and did an 80% lap and just soaked up being there and driving that bit of tarmac.
  8. Bathurst advice 101: It's flat - trust me. You don't need to lift there at all.
  9. By gone you mean "sitting around drinking cans" I presume.
  10. Garage 8 from 2pm to start with.
  11. Yeah also lets ignore the fact that on the Friday the garages will be full of the cars doing the sprint...
  12. Yeah even Duncan managed to go faster than 2.36 in an EVO. And he didn't have a windscreen.
  13. What you are trying to say is "EVO was probably too quick for regularity so I'm taking something slower"?
  14. Last time the event got cancelled by the council due to the event organizers doing naughty things rather than due to a lack of support. James O'Brien (original 12hr guy and current 6hr guy) is running this so I think it will remain strong. This year there was a clash with 12hr cars and the trip to NZ for the Highland 101 so I expect next year you'll see a LOT more 12hr cars etc at the event and it will be a real testing showcase. Hopefully we can still get sprint spots in road cars. I'm hoping to crack under the 2:30 mark in the mini croc. Have now gone over 1s faster at PI than I have in the EMO and I was oh so close in that at Easter this year.
  15. No - I've been converted to the world of German engineering reliability. Plus I just love the sound of the flat 6's.
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