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  1. That’s a dummy result surely did you take a position on anything?
  2. Monica running the all concrete setup, wog style
  3. Gradual monthly increase is consistent with how it actually accrues Assuming you are permitted to take leave and dip into negatives it won't make a difference ultimately
  4. ITT butthurt Demons supporters
  5. Warnie’s one still on carsales you went for the coupe?
  6. Your daily can have 4 doors Monica
  7. It's 1am Still worth watching though
  8. Corolla Excel-esque... but better
  9. Good timing http://www.afr.com/brand/rear-window/australias-first-pagani-dealership-to-open-in-melbourne-20180314-h0xhr4
  10. Please don't say ebrake ever again
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