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  1. Hi guys, I own this now! Shes a little bit rougher than she was back then. I’ve been making some adjustments to make it slide better but mainly trying to stop it getting so hot after any sort of hard driving... There’s a skid vid on my insta @freeknight66 I’ve added an electric water pump and pulled the thermostat to try get the temps to stay down but so far it still loves to cook.
  2. 25GTV

    Drifting Event

    Come on down to Wakefield Park and see some 130kph+ drifting! Or if you have some experience, bring your car and drive, there were some spots remaining.
  3. Come on down to Wakefield and watch some 120kph+ drifting !!!
  4. Genuine R34 GTR Rims and Tyres $1600 Good condition 8/10 Yokohama 245/40R18 Tyres (75% tread) No repairs, no cracks, no damage. Minor scuffs only. Only PM me if you have the cash and want to come grab them. Sydney (Sutherland shire area)
  5. Hi guys has anyone had lots of free play in the rails of their Gtr seats? ive had a bit of a look and it appears loose on one of the rails. Is this a common problem and is there a fix for this?
  6. Hi Guys, Selling my Apexi Power FC for the R34 GTT (Manual Models Only) Pretty sure these work for the rb25 neo stageas too. Perfect condition plug and play computer. Any decent tuner workshop will know this computer inside out. Comes with the new, rare and expensive EL (Organic Display) Hand Controller. I recommend you check out this fantastic site for all power fc details. click here What you see in the pics is what you get. Located in Sydney but will post nation wide. $750 postage included. Firm PM me.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for a standard engine mount pair for my R34 GTT. Cant seem to find any available aftermarket (kelpro etc). Genuine is expensive and I don't want the extra noise or vibrations etc or nismo or hardrace. Has anyone found another option?
  8. Does anyone know if all r200 pinion seals are the same? I checked Taarks but they are sold out.
  9. R33 R200 Pinion Oil Seal - Available? Hi guys, My front pinion seal is pissing out. Cant seem to find a replacement seal anywhere. I've done multiple searches on google/sau and still nothing. Is genuine the only option?
  10. R34 GTT Series 2 Centre Gauges and top cover Up for sale is the cluster and top cover from a SERIES 2 R34 GTT. As it is a Series 2 item it has grey/silver dials and the boost gauge is in bar/KPA Also the top cover plastic is properly made unlike the series 1 units that go off in the sun leaving a sticky surface. Series 2 parts like this are extremely rare and a great upgrade for a series 1 skyline. Pickup from sydney or willing to post. PM me $245 Picks on the ebay ad. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/132313184264?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. R35 GTR standard injectors Hi guys chasing a set of the stock injectors from an r35 gtr for a little e85 project. Pm me please. Sydney preferred.
  12. R35 Stock Standard Injectors Hi guys doing a little project trial with e85 and need a set of good working order r35 injectors. In Sydney. PM me please.
  13. Thanks GTSBoy, thats what I guessed/calculated. But the bleed solenoid might be giving it more as the base boost is higher, I'll have to try it i guess. I'm hoping where the ecu want to go into R&R the afc tune will drop it back within the afm scale.
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