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  1. Hey guys! Moving up to Coffs soon... just wonderin how many of you are from up that way??
  2. Do my best in the next couple days..... limited computer access and skill!!
  3. Just had to add another recommendation for the guys at Trojan in Mitchell.... got a major service done yesterday and couldn't be happier! Price quoted didn't change, although belts, wiper blades and globes were done at no charge... really great guys that love thier work! Seriously, don't have second thoughts about taking your 'line to them!!!
  4. For Sale: Momo Millenium steering wheel (no boss kit). Good condition. rub mark on leather from club lock. costs over $400 new... sell $200 (+ postage.... prefer pick-up, may consider freighting)... located in Canberra till 2/12, or Coffs Harbour after that.
  5. Well, seems a few may be interested.... call me between 6pm and 8pm (can't answer at work) any night if you want to know more... 0403 897 824 (Tim) cheers
  6. Yep, definately up after 6 months.... lease ends 5th June...
  7. Hey guys.... Yes, most of you would think my sister is hot The room is available for 6 months... The carpark is quite secure... it is underground, it has keys and swipe cards to get in, plus camera surveillance. The unit is basically furnished, sofa, tv, fridge, washing machine... but there is no bedroom furniture.... however, I do work at Forty Winks (till next week anyway).
  8. Hey guys, haven't been on for a while and am now moving out of town..... Anyway, my sister (22 year old law student) is looking for someone to rent out my room... own bathroom, bir... complex has pool, tennis court, gym and underground car park. Rent is $140 0r $160 (big or small room) per week. Pm me if interested ... Cheers guys (sorry mods if I'm not sposed to post this here!
  9. So possibly 2 cars so far?? Anyone else interested? I'll get a price on standard tint job... anything custom will prob have to be discussed with the tinter on a one to one basis. Gimme a couple of days to get back to u..
  10. The guy I know is actually from Port Macquarie, works for himself and is willing to travel for work. He does some really cool designs like logos or flames in mirror tint behind normal tint.... custom stuff a specialty.
  11. Guys, if a enough people are interested I can get potentially extremely good prices for a group buy... post up if keen and I'll see how numbers go... any car, even houses..
  12. Can lend you one for a day or two next week if you want.... pm me
  13. Keeping it simple, RB20s are great. I love mine, but of course, there's always something better....
  14. I put in an autometer with the supplied sender.... never played up since (2 years)
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