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  1. Hey man im interested in the RB25DET bottom end does that include everything sump, oil pumps, balancers etc? If so ill give you $250
  2. Thanx guys least this forum it doesn tpay you out for not knowing abreviatipns. thanx guys for all your help and not paying me out. When i get all my mods and Dynoed i will let you know how it goes. Thanx 666DAN for all your help! and everyone else!
  3. 666dan where did you pick up the E-manage from? did it give you any gains? Im gonna regret sking this but what does SAFC stand for again? Sorry to annoy with the questions. I also cannot find a place where rb25de cams are avaliable.
  4. To all the guys that have installed the rb25de head on to the rb30e bottom end does the computer need to be remapped or can t stay standard? and what sort of gains will this give?
  5. Cheers PVA-GLUE! What about the cams would there be any certain type to get or do they all do just about the same. Im looking to get atleast 150rwkw.
  6. Hey how are ya's. My name is Luke and i own a VL Aero. I have installed an Rb25de with 5 speed box. After reading up on the n/a section. i Have decided to do the folowing: Coby Extractors CAI new exhaust 2 1/2 Cam gears (HKS) larger injectors bosch 044 fuel pump Shave the head port and polish Now im am unsure as to what type of cams to get.? And Also i have noticed that in some threads that you can get a Blitz N/a computer. Where can i purchase such an item? Any help would be appreciated!
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