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  1. Hi, Selling my vinyl factory boot mat. Suits a C34 Stagea. $200, located in Upper Kedron 4055. Pick up preferred. A bit big to post.
  2. Auto electrician recommendation, north-west Brisbane?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has or knows of someone with an ECU for a S2 WGNC34 RS Four S (factory manual). Part number is 23710 0V801.
  4. The pics aren't working. The link is broken.
  5. Leather seats are installed! First attempt: I was using the same power supply as one of my amps. Went well until I tried to start the car, and I killed a few Eng Cont fuses in the engine bay. Try again. Second attempt: I ran the positive from the 12V cigarette output to the seats and the car started like a boss. So thank you to everyone who gave me some ideas on how to do this. Now to clean up the old RS4S seats and sell them.
  6. Yeah. But then again, probably cheaper than Nissan
  7. I've got the heater controls, but I wasn't going to run them as my amps for my stereo are under the front seats.
  8. Would like to know how to do this too. Can you please PM the wiring diagram.
  9. My leather seats arrived!! Now to fit them. I thought they might be plug and play with my RS Four S, but I was wrong. Has anyone put leather seats into a Stagea that didn't originally have them?
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