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  1. Hi David,

    Do you still have that multi switch for sale?

    I would like to buy it. Let me know asap.

    My email is [email protected]

    Can not send the PM as it says that you can not receive them.


  2. jeez paulie its been so long do you even remember how to drive?
  3. will have to wait till i get back form Dubai to check $$ but if I do ill claim my no 1 spot
  4. "payment will be handled with trackschool directly closer to the date" l2read peoples. im sure he wont ask for anything till a fortnight before considering its a group booking thing
  5. everyone has a texi photo but me... i swear i do it without smoke! Will try not to suck
  6. its proving more difficult to buy tickets than originally thought
  7. Hey all up for sale is a set of 5 used Michelin slicks that I purchased to use on my R34 GTT Unfortunately the width is just a tad too wide to fit under the front of my car thus I will be selling them off, they are in good condition with minimal or no cracking along the sidewall to contact surface edge and are still plenty soft. Wheels have been mounted but previously they were wrapped in the garage on a pallet for about 6 months. I currently have them mounted to a set of 18x10+30 Rota Grid wheels for Track Duties (i have a 15mm spacer running on the front making them a +15) if anyone would like to test fit the wheels before I strip them off the rims for sale, Alternatively if you want the wheels as well we can add 1k to the price. as stated in the title they are a 57D (soft compound) in a 30-65-18 which equates to a 290-295 tread width. The car these originally came off was a r32 GTR with rolled rears and removed plastic guard liners but will fit a 33/34 GTR without any modifications. Sale Price is $350 plus postage anywhere in Aus. If you are interested in the wheels they are mounted on (brand new wheels) I will let them all go for $1300 plus shipping. pics Located in Penrith NSW (Western Sydney) Contact Via PM
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