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  1. I'm trading this vehicle in unless i get Any offers over $19000 The car will be as is, no rwc, and depending on the offer reg.
  2. If you want more info email me at stuart@freedomautotech.com i am seriously motivated to sell this car, it needs to go;-) my pain your gain
  3. Item Summary: Red V35 Premium with forged 19" alloy's Location: VIC Condition: Excellent Reason for Selling: Baby due in 2 weeks Asking Price: $27,500 obo Contact Info: PM Me or email stuart@freedomautotech.com other car info: This car is spot less have owened it since Km13500 it now has 76000km which are mainly country, i used to live in North East Victoria please email for pics
  4. i would be good to meet some other owners. got any details on this? Stu
  5. We can do it, but not until end of september, booked out. What transmission would you want to use? the biggest problem i can see (without looking at the car) would be headers. It would be engineerable it would just cost $$$$$ and time. Stu
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