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  1. Just sharing my R33 video. Its not really a build but just how it is. Hope you enjoy. https://youtube.com/user/bradrenee
  2. I dont know if anyone does it anymore.i gave it up because 90% of them were that old they wouldnt download or chew my disk.
  3. I finally had a reply email after 2 weeks of sending them daily messages. They said they were extremely sorry for the delay. The problem was the Recaro rails were picked up by the wrong courier and turned into a mess. They didn't want to bother me with there problems. As you all know when money changes hands. You start thinking have they scammed me when they don't communicate.
  4. Also want to know if anyone has actually received goods from their website or gone for pick up.
  5. Has anyone got a contact number for Red Sun Performance. Or a street address. Has anyone had dealings with them. Are they just slow? They are located in Ravenhall Victoria. https://www.redsunperformance.com.au/ I bought some parts weeks ago and not getting much communication now they have my money. Thanks Brad
  6. I hate Facebook. Keep seeing the same crap going around in circles.
  7. I had my car tuned on a dyno once and 2 days later I had no boost and was very laggy. I took the cat off for a look and it was blocked up. This could be your cause. Undo 2 bolts and shine the torch in there.
  8. I love the front bar. But I think you maybe wrong about the side skirts.
  9. The beep might come on under 5kms or when its stopped. My guess its to do with the speed sensor and it's changing from tv to info screen. Is it the same beep when pressing buttons.
  10. From memory every time you go into neutral it will increase the revs. I disconnected or shorted the wire that has the neutral signal. Cant remember which way. Once that was done it never raised the revs when in neutral again. I put an impul auto ecu in my old r33 which was 5 speed and that was the only issue i had.
  11. Thanks mate, I had quite a bit of interest that day. since I have put the stencils on the side The lights do look better at night. But they are Nismo so they should look better. Hoping to see more GTR cruises.
  12. Here is a photo of my GTR from the All Japan Day in Adelaide
  13. Here is my latest pic I call Power of Kilovolts Vs Killowatts.
  14. Here is a swap I did over 5 years ago. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/352166-m35-engine-and-turbo-out/ Its a fun job that I personally would only do once so never again. Some owners love swapping there turbos out.
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