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  1. i have photos, of when they where brand new with reciept and my kms on my car plus 3 other people on the forums that helped me tuned and install, i have no need to explain myself to you but your probably just other person who low balls people
  2. they will just low ball you man im trying to sell my 650cc sard(for rb25det) that have done 4000kms and you get people offering 350, it a joke
  3. michael use some fuel and a match be gone in not time
  4. kx250f 07 full forged motor all new suspension nearly every after market mod has been done! need to sell used in 2 times in the last year then last time i stuffed my knee, started every 3 weeks, 4200 firm come with spare motor ect( hasnt been raced)
  5. 650cc sard injectors 500 need to sell them quick or ill miss out on 850s then ill be a sad panda) for rb25det
  6. SARD 650 cc injectors $ 500.00 comes with loom and everything needed, currently in car and running fine only selling as im looking at 850cc's
  7. sounds like intercooler piping nick maybe a small split on the elbow, had the same thing thought it was fuel pump because i only got it when in higher revs not on idle
  8. i was thinking more like; HOON JUICE " turning bitumen back into a liquid since 2008"
  9. i was thinking more like; HOON JUICE " turning bitumen back into a liquid since 2008"
  10. only way ive heard of making over 260rwkw on standard injectors is aftermarket fuel pump and fuel reg and thats running them on the lean side
  11. things like z32, bigger turbo. just letting you know ryan e 85 wont give you large improvements unless your running more boost or a bigger turbo.
  12. marko stop sniffing it mate, ive heard it smells like flowers all the way to a fart but never them problems haha
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