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  1. This result was more what I was hoping for . Had posted it on another thread but this is the update. I have continually lost a little from the top end but still more than needed on the street, so The End, again To finish it off I added ATS Tripple carbon clutch, the Coppermix Twin had to go, it was a great clutch. Emtron KV8 ECU EFR8374 1.05 Koolig Crank Trigger
  2. EFR8374 is going pretty early after some Vcam tweaks , seems to be some intermittent Vcam problems that needs to be sorted
  3. Not opening I will try again
  4. Well I think this is the best down low torque I can get without pulling the head off and that's not happening . E85 30 Nov 2017.pdf
  5. haha, thats not bad for a bloke with a massive hangover , I guess Bet Heckle is feeling no pain
  6. You don't understand high finance Micko, Brett's and many other blokes $1 "cash" is worth $1.45.455 to them , easy I think lol Nice try Brett, no wonder you could build that beaut car
  7. maybe already had a ding in the back from parking or a previous accident and setting the bloke up to pay for it or she did what you said, either way, wankers!
  8. 1400 years of bonking family members and your brain does not work anymore, in breeding is insanity !
  9. Got the Video address Dave
  10. Great post Mr Ricer, I crapped the first time I opened mine up and I was the one pushing the peddle, I have been with Paul and have never been a good passenger , so no need to say anything else, LOL Cannot wait to see a Hillclimb vid from the Whale Those sequentials must be mad to use on a car like Pauls
  11. Not if you rearrange the SXE!
  12. I am hoping my age, very good driving record and living in the country allows me to stay insured with VVC , couple of months and I will find out.
  13. I know blokes that have spent loads on their cars and just do not have comprehensive insurance , they lock their cars up real tight at home and play the odds ? I go for full insurance and when this year is up January 18 I will be upping my value of my car , you never know? For those who will now struggle paying for it as money is needed for the family, family comes first, at least you will get a good price for your car and move on to something less expensive
  14. They did say on one of their sites that there were other models coming soon, but so was the 8474