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  1. When you consider that some of the motors these faulty turbos could be bolted on cost a lot of money, they would have strict quality control Now the faults have been pointed out, his could come back to bite BW on the arse!
  2. Yeah ? ,Paul already laughed at me for believing Fatz’s Pisstake comment ?? i am old but stil gullible ?‍♂️?
  3. No , you have a bloke saying he has 955hp car in the UK on 98 Fatz said he has the same , I asked, on what fuel ? I think 955hp on 98 with the UK setup is BS?‍♂️ But I am asking FATZ , a bloke with much more knowledge than I have a question The only way to learn anything is ask questions, I work on the assumption that “ there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers”
  4. Would think if it’s going hard at 3500rpm ,530 / 550kw would be close i wanted the 8474 before I did the final mods ? last mods ?but couldn’t get one or even be told when they were going to be available Can’t stop thinking about getting the 8474 and 1.45ar just to see how much difference it makes at both ends on my setup trouble is , getting both knees replaced in March and not sure how it will be driving a stick for a while but it would be a perfect time to get the work done while I recover from the operation ? Fn cars, they get into your blood at all ages?
  5. I would have to snooze before I went for a drive,too much adrenaline to sleep after the drive ? been enjoying your thread Shoota , looking great ?
  6. Hi, I have the ATS triple, as you say, drives great just wondering , when I back out cold it grabs a little and feels like the car has the handbrake half on, go into first and feels the same for a moment. After that perfect, usually drive 100klm ish every Sunday no problems with all sorts of driving ?‍♂️ I am not worried about it, been like this for a long time, just wondering if anyone one else has had this experience you mentioned the OS Giken , when I bought my 34gtr it had the OS Giken quad in it , had to drive it for the first time in peak hour traffic on Pendant Hills Rd , that was an experience ?
  7. Yeah Ben , a lot of blokes put shit on me for chasing response in this sort of high revving car , I had no option as I really liked the car , not the setup. Had my early morning heart starter 110 klm drive and my first drive at 77 LOL., that adrenaline is good shit , set for the day now
  8. Forgot to finish off After being in the shop for so long the tyres were all different pressures, pumped them up and it went straight and hard ,silly me , Had the car in just to touch up the tune, picked up a bit more under 4250 rpm Finally able to say this "THE END"!
  9. Tell me about it ??‍♂️ When you get what you want it’s worth it , but now I need some counseling , I have boredom withdrawal , need Methadone ?
  10. Unfortunately you won’t get much for $30k in 2019 and for $10k ?‍♂️ The prices for a reasonable R34GTR have doubled I think from 10 years ago
  11. How much are you going to spend , you will need deep pockets atm the way the prices are going
  12. Getting close to this thread being knocked on the head I would think , CHILL boys , lol
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