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  1. Nismo 3.2ish

    Know what you mean but I am not going to break it anytime soon and at 76 , F it I want to finish It , just wish I knew what I wanted at the getgo, but I think there are many blokes doing work on their cars and the goal posts just seem to keep moving But I had no idea I would go this far , it just gets in your blood like herpies and just keeps coming back when you think it over 😂
  2. Nismo 3.2ish

    Yeah mate , as you know I have been tossing it around for a long time and can’t help myself, must do it , have to feel the difference when I press the peddle, like an Fn drug 🤪
  3. Nismo 3.2ish

    There will have to be new pistons to go with the new work, it will have to be done properly especially with the Vcam in the car, I already have 1mm OS valves i decided that if I am going to pull the donk down, get it all done at the same time Wouldn’t do it if I did not have E85 close by now 👍
  4. Nismo 3.2ish

    As you know I am thinking of doing some headwork ( never ends lol) wondering if anyone has a 3.0 or 3.2 Lt that has has the compression increased up to 10.5 ish , mine is down to 8.1 for whatever reason during work on the stroker build ? Maybe also done some port & polish work? Back to back Dyno runs would be great I will stick with the 8374/1.05
  5. Nismo 3.2ish

    Without the head work you have done and slightly higher CR 9.1 ish , would the 1.45 still give you what you want or just lag it to much for what you like in a Street car Guess without some sort of comparison it would be hard to know how much difference it would make .
  6. Nismo 3.2ish

    Paul , you have had the 1.45 on for a while now and at first you were sort of thinking about switching back to the 1.05. You have had a few runs now and one today with Dan , have you made your mind up yet ?
  7. I had the 2500 Elite Pro to run the Vcam , to replace the Haltech R34GTR Platinum Pro as would not do the what I was going to do with my car without add ons , sold them and put the Emtron KV8 in.
  8. Nismo 3.2ish

    Did a great job painting the motor :)
  9. Nismo 3.2ish

    Always wondered why my CR was down to 8.1:1 after my stroker build. Thinking of going to 9.5:1 and might clean the head up, maybe even a P&P . Anyone have results for increasing the CR from factory , up to 9.5 , maybe back to back Dyno runs on the same Dyno ?
  10. I got jumped on from the getgo because I wanted response , said cannot be done , go buy a V8 . I got a pretty good result and not a word from the stirrers , LOL Pauls car is great , plenty of power with good response , win win
  11. You have nailed it Dan Love his car
  12. Gone into secret mode , he is too shy to post results , Fn girlie boy :)
  13. Nismo 3.2ish

    I am not sure if this is the sort of inspiration you are looking for Ewan, but I will try and find the right words to inspire you ? "If you don't finish it , I will get a few of the boys to come and kick your arse!" Hope this helps as we all want to see it finished
  14. Nismo 3.2ish

    Had another drive early today, the difference on my road with the RS4s Vs AD08Rs was very noticeable , there is a section uphill that tried to kill me a couple of times and tried send me into the cow paddock with the crappy ruts , hit it up to see how the RS4s felt and no problem . Its nice to be able to get a little spirited without fighting for your life , LOL There was never a problem in the twisties with any tyres I had on the car, just on straight line driving when the surface was shit. Highway driving , city driving NO problem It was embarrassing having some one behind you even in a 60- 80 zone on a shitty straight stretch of road and having to continually adjust the steering to keep it straight , shit , the mighty Tiida is a dream to steer in comparison but I am a happy camper with the 275 RS4s but missing the adrenaline rush when the car wants to go where it wants to go , LOL