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  1. I have no idea but Could it be the tuner not being able to sort this problem out ? Or the ECU not being able to handle it ?
  2. I think I priced a new GTR a few years ago with a few other companies and it was easy to insure and cheaper than my 34 at 1/3 the price, stuffed if I know
  3. Some things never change but they can be more careful/ sneaky as they crap on you.
  4. I was close , 2.6 with the T78, built motor and stock cams, it was sensational as a DD !
  5. The results were enough, I can die happy
  6. Well done mate and I did live to see it
  7. I put the twin APS System on my 2003 350GT Skyline , goes like stink and never misses a beat
  8. Yeah , 26/9/17; E85 tune and THE END ! ish Well there is the Vcam to cram in there and maybe a 1.45 , oh a 9180 could fit in there somewhere and ??? Just go to Insight pick up the car after work tomorrow , get all the information and post it
  9. Just one more sleep didn't think I was going to make it
  10. Pauls head is something else I do mean the one on his 33 not your normal head job , can't wait for the final tune next week
  11. I built mine so I could have a strong top end . I want to keep it and as tried to get it as good as I could down low . I don't want to loose anything from the top end, I still can rev it to 8000 if I want . Just like it a bit different than most I guess That head you had done is something else , cannot wait to see it all working together, what a machine I just found a pic of you
  12. The tad you loose at 3000, can I have it please
  13. HAHA, piss off Mick, I have enough up top and now it's time for more down low and watch it go No upgrades yet Johnny , trying something soon but not sure if it will make much difference and will post the results , if any