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  1. Some updates, 'scuse the iPhone quality. Will be licensed very soon, only a couple of small things to sort. Then more pics of the mods, and skids when run in. Video in a couple of days. interior is awesome, I need to reshoot some better engine audio, IT'S INCREDIBLE. so will update soon.
  2. Ahoy champ, i'm well......hoping all's well there. love the look of your new Stage! Socrates, It wasn't built at JPC. Pretty sure ASG did it? Danny will confirm here.....yeeeeeah. Or I will, whoever chimes in first.
  3. What do ya know.......its back from paint. my legs seriously went weak seeing it in person. The job looks great, pity about the mess around with the other guy or there'd be more progress. Interior is out getting finished and everything else is stashed away ready for after-pits mods. with his j-land contacts, the collection of awesome rare parts denzo has collected for this will blow you away. Stay tuned for more progress, will keep updating the site with photos as i get them. Sorry bout the iPhone quality. http://japaneseperformancecentre.com.au I'll get better pics from danny next time i'm down. (The email attachments didn't work mate.)
  4. Hey mate, Here's a link to my stagea ad on Antilag.... http://antilag.com/forums/showthread.php?p=874368#post874368 Should have all the info you need. All the best.
  5. yar, i hear ya....thanks for the compliment. nistune would be nice, but feeling the $$ pinch right now. fortunately the coilovers were a necessity, so they got by the money witch. muhahah looking at the size of the toe rods, i reckon i could smash some s13/r32 ones in there, haven't had a chance to get a look in on the arms though, it's on my list! the power steering has seemed to go kerplonk, not 'sensing' speed correctly so that's going to have to be the next thingo on the payroll. cheers for the input fellers. if we do have another big meet like RS, i reckon we should have a stagea installation "bowling green". i have some tweed golfing pants somewhere round here......
  6. yes mate, twas great to have a chat or three. jash's was so stylish.......loved it. thanks bubba, bummer....sounds like a clever mod though.
  7. Heya Stagea crew, Caught up with some stagea peeps at Rising Sunday which was cool, well done to all attendees, your cars looked great. Dan's is off chops. Jim, have finally finished the coilover upgrade..boyee getting the parts to work was a headache. I went for the 33Gtr fronts with 10kg springs. Koni damper/height adjustable....but any brand will do. S14 rears with some C34 Apex hats and 8kg springs, but you can use the stock hats. just check the spring width. Tein HE's [same as my 180] I had probs with the HE's spring widths so went the Apex hats instead of stock. SOLID as a rock, just need to do the swaybars to help it push a bit less. Took it out in the wet after install for some doriftu! lol yes.....I'm happy now. I'll post some pics when I'm done lowering it.....might need some camber & toe arms, pending on how low we go. Lookout cats-eyes...my muffler is on the hunt. Anyone got a link to the core plug upgrade thing ye speak of? all the best.
  8. Hey guys, Just into the coilover swap now.......S1 1997 RS4. Couple of small questions, What's the difference between 34GTST and 33GTR front coilovers? I know the spring rates are different as mentioned in this thread, but are the physical dimensions similiar? And will a standard Stagea rear strut hat fit an a/m S14 rear coilover? Thanks + Cheers
  9. yes, apologies but will make it to next one.
  10. aye, keen as. but this weekend is reserved for destroying tyres. w00t.
  11. haha. u sure do! mine could do with more droppage too......alas, the missus will curb it. ahaha. bring on the next cruise.
  12. you seriously bought the wrong car eh! i only used a half a tank, coming from whitfords area>waroona>whitfords. the series twos above look larger then the series one.....is that for real?
  13. Yeh cheers for organising John, we had a great drive there and back. Good to meetup and chat, just wish I could have cruised around and soaked up more british awesome. Will be down for the next cruise for sure. Some pics....
  14. Marmion ave from Whitfords shops to Yanchep is a great drive.
  15. We[the family] are in, although we might have to meet you there. organising everyone that early could prove difficult. But sounds like a good ET though. Will be sure to say Hi when we eventually catchup.
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