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  1. mlr

    If its a street car you may get into some strife emissions wise. VTA will definitely keep your intake clean. The VTA can may fill with condensation pretty quick.
  2. mlr

    Routing as stated looks fine. Catch can/oil separator system is more than some steel wool. You really need some baffles in it, or a cyclonic effect to strip the oil out of the air, maybe fuel foam, but, whatever the design, make sure you can service/replace the "steel wool" or fuel foam, ALSO, steel wool can break down and end up on your intake, and fuel foam gets clogged with gunk. Baffles/fuel foam in the cam covers help, ?Mines???
  3. Haven't used them But I would definitely get it transported after inspection. The small outlay is worth the peace of mind of knowing the car isn't going to break down at 3 in the morning, in a area with no mobile service, and the only sound you hear is a banjo and someone whispering "you got a peerdy mouth boy".
  4. My eye twitches every time I think of my old 33. It's like a Rorschach test every time I see a oil spill.
  5. I would be wary about making that assumption IRT the FA20 oil pump. "Apparently" when in the high rpm range and high oil temp the oil pump tends to cavitate enough to form pitting and a good drop in pressure, worst case senario is lunching oil pump gear. You can up the oil weight to keep it up a bit, but there are the usual issues with a higher weight oil, more temp, OEM recommend 0w 20, I use 5w 30 (toyota recommend this for "extreme conditions", which I assume equates to my normal driving). Reality wise, it won't be a issue for me, but, if you are building a track car it may be something to think about, well, mainly oil weight and temp control, from googling around there isn't any real fix for the cavitation at high rpm short of a exy dry sump solution. Hell, in the end the FA20 is a cheap econobox power plant, it goes good for what it is.
  6. Booked in at Pulse Racing for tune, finally. 06 March at this stage, unless a earlier opening pops up. Car is going flawlessly and handling like a dream. Common sense prevailed IRT boost, I would be better of just buying something already fast, after owning the boat (33) with it's lotsa hp and fat torques, anything under 500hp and lotsa torques feels slow. So for now it's slow and low in the 86. I am looking forward to getting the car tuned, I will see "some" NA gains, but really, the rev match, flat foot shifting and launch control from Ecutek is awesome , not that it makes me any quicker, but the noises and stuff makes this old guy smile, alot. The other bonus of staying NA is the minimal worry about reliability, I can thrash the guts out of it and not worry about putting bay windows in the block or melting pistons, breaking rods, eating gearboxes and clutches. Silver linings and shit.
  7. mlr

    If there is a wreck the body and engine numbers are the first thing they look at. For a street car there is no way I would risk not getting the engine numbers swapped over to the papers.
  9. With my exhaust a massive 10-20 killerwasps is possibly achievable, maybe,for a engine that makes around 100rwkw even an extra 10 to 20% power increase would be good. But really its the midrange that gets a good lump more of the powers. Plus I miss rev match, and launch control and flat foot shifting is novel.. Also, I wish it was 1.1k, so far one joint at Marrickville wants 1.4k, and one at Menai wants 1.5k, so about $100 per maybe Kw's. I've had work done at Menai before and I like the cut of their jib, aaarrrrrrr.
  10. Went and got quote for NA tune. Now I wants turbo. Stupid car
  11. mlr

    Nice one
  12. The HKS R32 GTR reminds me of the horse, it worked out well for Boxer didn't it?????