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  1. Sorry for your loss What it's worth is what someone is willing to pay Condition of the shell is the key factor Same with the interior https://prestigemotorsport.com.au/skyline-r32-gts-t-prices/
  2. Time to get drunk and put these puppies on
  3. 24 days to go, not that I'm counting Fark I'm impatient
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=nissan+skyline+gtr+engine&client=ms-android-telstra-au&prmd=isvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwje9bL6yYTkAhX56XMBHVwtDLMQ_AUoAXoECBIQAQ&biw=320&bih=530
  5. As long as you are getting clean air, not from inside the engine bay, you will be fine with steel. Maybe that gold or silver tape? Maybe? Why, because math Lets say 2.5 litre running at 5k rpm 2 rotations for 1 full cycle, because 4 stroke 2.5 l x 2500 = 6250 litres of air running through your intake Or 6250/60 = 104ish litres of air per second, wow The air really doesn't have time to heat up Disclaimer: the efficiency is not 100% and this is based around atmospheric pressure, not boosted While I'm doing flawed math - 104 ltrs + 15 psi is 208 ltrs a second. Beer time
  6. QFT LOL Seriously though, the little girl has surprised a few people. It ain't no rocketship, but, tuned NA it puts out more than a stock turbo S15, it's currently 145kwatw, add some PSI and it will be around 190-200. Plus at 1250kg, the power to weight ain't really horrible either. Opinions may vary
  7. Hooray for internet shopping The 86 has no rear camber adjustment from factory Soon it shall Shhhh, don't tell Jackie I spent more money......
  8. I do prefer RS4's (talk about value for money), BUT, whilst RS4's are brilliant in the dry, they are pretty average in the wet. Compromises were made because street car. There was a special on at JAX, 4 tyres and a wheel alignment for $550, bargain.
  9. My concern would be the age of the WTO heat exchanger, with age comes risk. The OEM Forester heat exchanger cost me around $200, I couldn't even find a new RB one. I have been looking at this> 60 plate https://www.scintex.com.au/products/heat-exchanger-camping-showers My current setup uses the coolant lines from the throttle body, that pickup point is where my turbo lines will be soon I've seen these on inboard boat engines before, I haven't heard anything bad aboit them Only issue would be if you aready topping out the efficiency of your radiator, maybe, puck nose
  10. RS4 255/40 17 4 for $845 Excellent wear, cheap, great street tyre, brilliant in the dry, acceptable in the wet, acceptable in the cold (below 5°c they are sketchy, they do warm up quick though) Track? I had RS3's on my old boat years ago, acceptable, but they aren't no semi-slick https://www.jaxtyres.com.au/tyres/hankook/ventus-r-s4-z232 For the money I rate them well over the RE003, not as noisy either, not quite though, but not as noisy as the RE003, Disclaimer:I'm deaf(ish) now, noise levels may vary.....
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