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  1. Six pack of VB and bumming some winnie reds of course. Can substitute VB for cans Bundy Can substitute winnie reds for bongs of pot Pfft STRAYA
  2. Hooray I'll get some tyres on Monday
  3. It's on I'll put a bag of donuts on the cruise ship.
  4. Yeah, I'm all bogan this, and bogan that, but where are the skids, where are the scattered can of VB......piss poor effort on my part. But... I did scare a guy driving a WRX though, I heard him coming up behind me in the M5 tunnel, he would get on the gas then of it for hektic BOV noises (noice), he caught up and started to keep pass with the big red cruise ship, then he kept getting on the gas, then letting off, all old school race me tactics. But as I'm an adult and just cruising in the left lane....... I timed it perfectly, he got on the gas just as we hit to dollar zone, and so did I, the old girl squated its arse to grass, a boot full petrochemical induced combustion and noise ensued and I was off. Well, I was off until I hit a dollar of course. In truth the old girl is big and fat and slow(ish), but not as slow as the WRX rolling on. Yeah, I'm a dick I hope WSID opens soon....I miss looking at all the cars
  5. LOL, reliability for what use? Dyno queen Street car Track hack Sprints You need lots of cubes, lots of strong parts, and some boost. What transmission and drivetrain you using, that stuff can start eating itself at 400hp, let alone being reliable at 500-1000hp, for "some" reliability I would budget around 60-80k, easy, maybe more. Your also going to need a "spare stash of cash" for when your "reliable setup" breaks. And it will.
  6. The new PS and expansion tank make a big difference, that is, if you spend an unhealthy amount of time, just looking at a engine bay. No skid vids yet, sorry. Next little job is engine oil and filter and the diff oil. In other news.... Silver 17 x 8 +42 Interceptor copies with silver caps and black nuts are on their way, fark yeah, give me a winnie red ya karnt, contemplating on throwing a coat of clear coat on them???? Will stick on some 245/45 "somethings", and then try and sell the Simmons 19 x 8.5 (245/35) - 9.5 (275/30) with the new(ish) Hankooks. In other other, "yeah I'm really running with this" news The kids LOL'ed hard, the Mrs just looked at me like she does when I'm being an idiot. I don't think the sticker will last long though. Pity...
  7. If your in 'merica, drop a crate LS in the R32 GTST. Or at least a RB25. Personally, the only money I would spend on a RB20 would be to service it. If you want fast, the RB20 is a poor starting point. Unless you want original, then, just service it and don't race anything faster than a Toyota Yaris. If you don't use a crate LS, send one to me, thanks....
  8. Mishimoto make one for a 370Z that may fit.
  9. Nice, IMO you have added value to that little thing. S or SL? Originally a 4 or 6 pot? Manual?
  10. I believe the converter was locked. But, my speedo reading is way out now, I believe they f**ked up the calibration it had for the 3.9 diff when they played with rhe tune. GPS reads 80, speedo reads 100. How and if this effects anything I have no clue, apart from me driving like Miss Daisy. I'll ring them tomorrow to get it fixed. I was doing what I thought was 100 in a 100 zone and everyone was passing me, I got the Mrs to get google maps up and to my dismay I was doing 80.
  11. So, after taking the Mrs for a cruise today (Robertson pie shop, long way there, long way home) I'm definitely looking at those interceptor copies in silver, with caps of course, #fullbogan 17 x 8 + 42 for the front 17 x 9 + 48 for the rear Tyres will be Hankook RS4, cheap but good. 235/45 front and 255/40 rear Rollin' on 19" rims and rubber band tyres is arse on anything other than dead flat and smooth highways. I'm just waiting on a shipping quote. In other, Mrs related news, she wants me to put the pacemaker rear muffler back on, doing a dollar ten on the highway with 3.9 gears is to noisy for her to sleep.....LOL. Meh, things you do.. I'm also still looking for 2 interceptors, 15 x 7 which I will shod with some Micky T's for LOL's at WSID.
  12. LSV It does do a "little" shimmy at idle in neutral, once in drive it just squats down a bit harder on the brake.
  13. All cammed up Better than I expected Slightly choppy idle, still responsive off idle, and the thing howls. 20200515_165858.mp4
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