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  1. puttin me plates up for sale black writing on silver back ground 50NVD (so envied) Slim line front U.S Style $400 pm if interested..
  2. Any one seriously interested ?? the home loan is gettin cloers to happening so i got to off load very soon
  3. No dyno, its only got a zorst and air filter so i dont think power would be up by that much..
  4. does any one want it.... its not that bad is it :Oops: :Oops: :Oops:
  5. hey every one im after a set of stock 33 springs for me series 2 can any one help me out im in brissie so local would be good.
  6. i was gonna post this in for sale part but since they are QLD plates thought maybe better in here.. 50NVD black writing on sliver slim line front US Style PM if interested
  7. no other scratches, but i dont have any touch up panit
  8. Very neat skyline for sale 96 series 2, 70000 on the clock Interioer is stock, kenwood CD/MD player full chameleon re-spary (purple to gold) bomex front bar, custom skirts and rear bar Rays racing wheel17 + 8's (235 on the front 255 on the rear) Full 3 inch zurst and custom dump pipe, Air fliter Apexi turbo timer Turbo smart type 2 BOV the usual climent controll and stuff lowered 2 1/2 inch Top of the range alarm with remote start WANTING A QUICK SALE $21 000 pm or email [email protected] if interested http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~mnorris/skyline1.jpg
  9. i agree with slip, u do the speed u pay the price
  10. its a 96 gtst, not sure what kit is on it,i think it has a few different parts to the kit and its harlequin paint, gonna put my 50NVD plates on it from my old lancer
  11. hey boys and girls, im new here.. yay !!!! i jus brought a 33 pretty stock at the moment but im happy...
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