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  1. Brand new, never installed. Located in SA Make an offer
  2. Shipping wasn't cheap, but it was acceptable in that it was still cheaper than buying locally. The problem with bodykits is the size; not necessarily the weight. Still, $3000 sounds ridiculous lol. Try Jesse Streeter if you want something from Japan
  3. Still got these if anyone's interested
  4. Brakes are the biggest PITA to work out (unless you have the akebono setup)
  5. I ran on Bridgestone RE003 which were amazing. Not exactly cheap tho.. bought mine when they did 4 for the price of 3 special which eased the pain a bit...
  6. I guess he agrees
  7. not too shabby,, must be fun on the road
  8. As a guide, they're $495 + shipping direct from Eibach Australia
  9. As the title says... These are brand new, never used. Purchased from the US but never got around to fitting them. AFAIK they will only fit the V36 sedan. Not coupe or 370Z Would prefer to sell to someone in South Australia because I don't want to mess around with shipping. Make an offer....
  10. Welcome! AFAIK they always remove HID headlights during compliance. Seems like a double standard to me that local cars can be delivered with them but not imports. "Fitting HID headlamps is permissible providing that they are fitted with automatic headlamp levelling devices and headlamp cleaners. They must also conform to any requirements in set in Australian Design Rule 13."
  11. If you're interested, the pads: Do they fit? I'll believe it when I see it...
  12. Yeh I ended up returning the items I got based on Nick's specs. GSL sent some new pads, REMSA this time, which will supposedly fit but I never got round to installing them as my car sold this week. They told me they "had them on the shelf" but was a load of BS; ended up taking 4 weeks to get them. Anyway, I've given the new pads to the new owner and hopefully he'll be able to confirm with me if they fit.
  13. Grats. So sick. Makes me want 1J again damn it