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  1. as mentioned, flat battery - or bad ground.
  2. Damn, may as well be ;P I'm in midland haha. Could I arrange to grab it on the weekend?
  3. I have one, in perth, where abouts are you mate? I would prefer to not post as I don't have time unfortunately.
  4. Also, if there is enough interest I can make a torrent of it and seed it, get decent speeds here (y) Save killing Duncan's Dropbox limits (if any)
  5. I'm happy to have a Japanese one lol. If anyone can share it plz
  6. Really need the c34 manual, if anyone still has a link for it please let me know
  7. how many k's on the injectors? Also, How much for postage to perth 6065?
  8. I have an S2 one, not sure if they are the same? If you can't find one the options there, but im in perth.
  9. WgnZilla


    My car got defected for one dead numberplate light... Cops will pin you if they want to, unfortunately you can't stop them. My new build im using a bov that vents to atmo cos I don't want any pipes into my intake lol, same as my catch can won't plumb into intake. If I ever get a yellow for the bov I'll just blank it for the inspection ;p
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