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  1. Ive done a fair bit of googling and sau browsing on this issue and cant find a definitive answer. So im in the process of fitting a kinugawa td06h-20g (journal bearing) on my r33 and not sure on whether i need an inline restrictor. Too much oil and it will blow the seals and not enough oil and it wont be sufficiently lubricated so i want to try and get it spot on. Im still running the stock rb25 oil pump with no oil pressure issues whatsoever. The oil feed port on the turbo itself has a built in restrictor (1.5mm) is this sufficient or should i fit another 1.5mm restrictor on the turbo end of the braided oil line. The hoses i purchased are genuine earls brand and the oil feed line is a 4an size hose.
  2. Super tidy gtr![emoji7] i admire your attention to detail [emoji108]
  3. Mission accomplished! Thanks guys for your help [emoji5]
  4. Ahh ok i understand now [emoji5] will let everyone know how it goes [emoji106]
  5. In relation to that grey wire i didnt think i would need to splice into it as the relay has a ground cable which ive already attached to the chassis (picture attached) Thanks for your informative reply duncan. From all the posts ive read about the fuel pump mod there hasnt been any mention of tapping into the fuel pump relay. I was under the impression that i only had to tap into those two bigger wires coming out of the fuel tank. Is the fuel pump relay the only safe way of doing it?
  6. Hey everyone. Just in the process of doing the fuel pump mod on an r33 gtst and just want to double check that im doing it right as im pretty bad when it comes to anything electrical lol ive searched all over the forums but im wanting to be 100% sure. So im basically left with these 2 wires...a red wire which im sure splices into the blue (power) wire which ive already snipped. But i just need confirmation that the red and black wire does splice into the white (ground) wire as these instructions i have specify to splice into an ecu signal wire, not a ground wire. Ive attached pictures of my setup so any input would be greatly appreciated [emoji5] thanks!
  7. From memory It literally just twisted straight out quite easily
  8. You stated in your original post how the car was running great for a period of 10 months until you added the remainder of the e85 treatment. I still cant comprehend why anyone would add that additive to a car thats not tuned on e85 even if it doesn't have a warning label stating not to use on unleaded cars. Why didnt you just buy the nulon unleaded fuel treatment? It's almost like running diesel fuel in an unleaded car (probably a bit of an extreme example but you get the idea).
  9. Absolutely Nothing wrong with s1 injectors! If your not chasing bigger power stick with them and get them professionally cleaned and tested...problem solved! And as others have said, never put in e10 or e85...even e85 additives. Ive only ever run 98 in my s1 and never had dramas with injectors. Just throwing it out there but If it keeps happening it may have also affected your fuel pump.
  10. Nice thread revival [emoji3] 5 years later and still going strong. One thing i forgot is with the r33 't' piece, i had to slightly enlarge it for it to fit snug into the s14 valve
  11. Yeah theres no follow up from the guy because he's probably dead lol i wouldnt even look twice at that website for car parts...especially for brake upgrades
  12. Hey man Wheres abouts are you located?
  13. sorry for the late reply. yes, thats the exact same one i used i agree with paul about painting a large surface. The cans are great for side mirrors and wings etc but for bigger panels it may be harder to get a brilliant finish.
  14. Hey there, i sprayed my wing just recently and purchased a proper 2 pack spray can off ebay. Theres a button on the bottom of the can which once pressed, will automatically mix the hardener with the paint. The can was around $30 from a place in melbourne. Plus, i also got a can of 2 pack clear coat which gave a really nice finish
  15. Exactly!!! Hopefully this means an end to $600 nismo keys lol