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  1. Ahh cheers mate! I should of looked a bit harder and seen it was temporarily closed 😂
  2. Just had a search for e85 on fuel watch and apparently the shell servo down at coomera gold coast sells e85 for 99c/liter. Can anyone verify this? I thought united were the only stockists of e85
  3. Yeah as mentioned before its the one without that flange bit. Heres one that i purchased recently for my 33. and you'll want the metal grease seal too, which you can also see in the picture
  4. Hey guys, been on amayama scouring there website for what other genuine parts i can purchase for the 33 and stumbled across these feather dusters 🤣🤣
  5. Cruise control on an r33!? Didnt even know that was an option
  6. For anyone following this space i messaged united regarding the price increase and this is what they wrote back.
  7. Good luck buying brand new, especially with the weak aussie dollar...nissan want almost $500 for the switch assembly 😥 mine has been playing up for a while too!
  8. Filled up with united e85 yesterday and paid $1.59/L 😥
  9. Nismo 740cc's pumping e85. No dramas and have been on the car for over 2 years.
  10. Do you mean if it doesnt work set it to 64 in the -10°C?
  11. Hey guys as the title states my cars been struggling to start first thing in the morning. I just had my car retuned on united e85 and since then it takes around 5-6 cranks in the morning and even when im leaving work in the arvo (if its still quite cool) when it was tuned on caltex eflex i had no dramas but with united e85 having a higher ethanol content its obviously struggling with the cold starts. Im running a power fc with the usual bolt on mods. Heres a pic of my crank settings...just wondering if i can adjust these and what i should adjust them to for an easier cold start. Cheers!
  12. I reckon it probably is for the 33 considering how many 33's ive seen over the years running these hideous wings! The owners should be shot for poor taste but each to there own i guess.
  13. Ahh man thats heart breaking!! having had a car stolen myself..i know the feeling [emoji26] what is happening to the grubs that did this?
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