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  1. Ty1

    Just went through all of my old sau messages and realised i had purchased the nismo end caps from the classifieds section back in 2013 for $130. But keep searching on ebay as well [emoji106][emoji6]
  2. Ty1

    Cheers mate [emoji5] i have a bit of a nismo addiction lol more than happy to help a fellow skyline brother out!
  3. Ty1

    It was just dumb luck i reckon lol as my 33 isn't a gtr i wasn't going to put a gtr end cap sticker on it, even though the wing is off a gtr. They must of released a ridiculously small amount of these 'nismo' end caps [emoji22] im hoping they do remake them with the newer nismo logo as well. Heres a pic anyway so you can see they do exist lol
  4. Ty1

    Through ebay [emoji5]
  5. Ty1

    All i can say is goodluck lol it took me about 2 years of searching on these forums and ebay before a set came up. The 33 and 34 gtr have just been included in the nissan heritage parts program so hopefully they put these back into production along with other rare/discontinued nismo parts
  6. Came off my r33 gtst. In great condition except for a small, round mark on top of the left garnish as seen in the picture. Old double sided tape will need to be removed and new tape applied. Also advertised on facebook. $50 Pickup redbank plains, QLD.
  7. Ty1

    Cheers man! [emoji5][emoji106]
  8. Ahh bugger... posted in wrong section lol was meant to be in 'what music are you listening to'
  9. This is the image he should of originally gone for. Would of sold millions!!
  10. All good man. Yep there the ones [emoji5][emoji106]
  11. The actual nismo stick-on end caps through nissan?? Im talking about the caps with the word 'nismo' printed on them. I know you can still get the ones with gtr printed on them but i havent seen brand new nismo ones for years now [emoji22]
  12. I've never had to remove one but to me it looks like they sort of clip in as i was able to slightly move it up and down while applying the garnish
  13. Your right with the older ones looking tougher. I do prefer how the older one is actually a thicker sticker. I felt ripped off when i saw how thin the new one was lol and hopefully the 'o' is less susceptible to fading compared to the older nismo logo, which was my main reason for replacing them. Now If only they re-released the 'nismo' gtr wing end caps with the new logo [emoji57]
  14. Hey everyone, as some of you know the 'old' style nismo carbon garnish doesnt age the greatest and looked quite cheap after a while. After seeing the new nismo logo, i knew i had to have a set. I've taken a couple of pics for comparisons...even though the differences are subtle, the new logo sits up a tad higher and seems to be of a much better quality. This is on an r33 gtst