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  1. Literally sounds like a nightmare!! 😱😱 what a bunch of incompetent fools!
  2. I'm using a z387 too! Been using one on e85 for the past 3 years with no issues. I believe its the same filter used in the gtr's
  3. Just an update on my starting issues. I ended up getting a brand new oem cas and took it back to my tuner to make sure it was installed correctly. It starts up first go every time now...even if i havent driven the car in a few weeks. Still runs a bit sluggish on a cold start, but once it reaches normal operating temp its perfect, so it must require some fine tuning for cold running.
  4. Maybe you could source something similar from spotlight and staple/super glue it on. I literally just replaced mine on the 33 today. I got them from amayama for $40 a piece ?
  5. I say keep the 33. Been daily driving mine for 10 years now and still love it. It all comes down to personal preference though. In saying that i will be getting a cheap daily very soon to stop racking up km's on the 33. With relation to the sunroof, you can replace just the rubber seal without replacing the entire sunroof assembly. I did mine about a year ago and paid roughly $150 from nissan.
  6. Maybe a gtr front lip or a fiberglass copy. Looks nice on a s1 gtst! ?
  7. Agreed! I'm looking at replacing mine too and theres no way i'm paying $1700 for genuine nissan. Apparently there hard to rebuild and this was coming from a car a/c specialist!
  8. Well as far as an auto r33 goes, lets just say the most excitement you'll have is flicking that overdrive switch on and off
  9. No not originally in the car. Purchased the ecu off ebay recently. Apparently it was a pretty rare factory option..only in the s1 r33's though. Surprisingly the plug for the switch was tucked behind the dash
  10. Hey guys, ive installed a front auto spoiler on my s1 r33 and cant find the plug for the spoiler ecu. Ive tried tracing the wiring from the interior switch to see if it leads me to the plug that goes into the back of the ecu. I was hoping to see the plug taped up somewhere as my car didnt originally come with this from factory. I've attached a picture of the ecu. Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Ahh cheers mate! I should of looked a bit harder and seen it was temporarily closed ?
  12. Just had a search for e85 on fuel watch and apparently the shell servo down at coomera gold coast sells e85 for 99c/liter. Can anyone verify this? I thought united were the only stockists of e85
  13. Yeah as mentioned before its the one without that flange bit. Heres one that i purchased recently for my 33. and you'll want the metal grease seal too, which you can also see in the picture
  14. Hey guys, been on amayama scouring there website for what other genuine parts i can purchase for the 33 and stumbled across these feather dusters ??
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