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  1. got the standerd rims? no tyers or with? need them bad!
  2. you all wont to complane!! i got my gts-t r32 june 08 drove it 4 six months loved it droped 6k in to it was all going fine till november 08 i was driving throw rockdale syd at 40kph due to snaped of cultch pedal(off the fire wall) on my way back to my work shop to fix it 6pm in the arvo when i got pulled over for my exhaust being gurgley said the pig! and then was told to follow him to the local rta crack down site!!!! i was nice about it till i got the list & fine! excuse spelling front mount not enganeried bov vent 2 atmospher air filter box not standerd ajustable sard fule reg cat punched out(dident know it melted) 98 dbs exhaust insted of 92db rims to big to wide on rear 275/35r18s rear wing to sharp!!!!! bonnet pins(may injure some won if i hit them???? from rolling over the bonnet!!!) gages on apiller x2 tacho & shift light mounted to high! ( not at all check me pics!! ) rear & rear quater windows tinted to dark! sticker on front window to close to rego sticker 1/2 an inch led rear taill lights not adr aproved boddy kit to low (standerd gtr kit on a gts-t lowered 1inch droped)? and some other things all = 2k in defects just before xmas & and an epa test fine!!!!!! plus car is now completly standerd and still wont pass the epa test will ont the 4k test not at idle :-( arrrrrrgggggg and now its june my car has been sitting in my garage since december! and know one can seen to help me lean it out with out speending 2k on a link plus ecu so dont complane!!!!!!!!!! but i still love it thow lol p.s i got a cops phone number thow lol & it was a chic i think!?!
  3. again first wo was better but that was pritty dam cool dont like the look of the new subi thow but im shore ill grow to love it
  4. all comes down 2 tatse i got a gts-t caz its such a classic cult look p.s mine has a gtr body kit thow bonnet/front bar/skirts/grill/
  5. exhaust is now fine still wont pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disconced varex canon did the trick and yes it now has an adr aproved cat all before i went for the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dose any one have a clue!!!!!!!!!!
  6. depends were you are and what type of plates if there like mine RB20TT on white and black in NSW then $90 & six weeks wait it dosent even make sence i only went 4 RB20TT cauz every over plate waz taken??? some people realy shoud be shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only had them 4 A WEEK AND THAY GOT STOLEN OUT THE FRONT OF MY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK
  7. dose any one have tips getting an hcr32gtst past epa convered all back to standerd excepet spit fire coils 10psi actuator 3inc cat back frount mount and piping no bov standard ecu( insted of mines ecu) standard fule press reg ( insted of sard ajustable ) still with walbro 440 fule pump standard injectors new plugs new oil 0w40 castrol edge standard turbo & manafold (insted of t51 high mount) standard air box mounted on angle due to intercooler piping(removing washer bottel to fit) NEED HELP wont pass on idle DBs ok got down to 89db ARGGG dont know what else to do
  8. p.s i always wave to over sky drivers we all know the pain and joys of driving one $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ even if thay do look like wankers RB20TT
  9. how about a bit of self control i drive an R32 GTST with 320kw atw i sit there at the lights to any wanker whos trying to start me on limeter till the light turns green and then bog out just 4 laughts iknow i woud bet most the shit boxes around so i dont even try p.s i also lost my licences 4 3years 4 racing and got caught 180km in a 60km zone take it to the track!!!! if you know what your car can do! try to talk them to the local drag strip to put there money where there mouth is!!!!!!! if not you know there just pussys
  10. much easier to get to your plugs and it looks cooler
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