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  1. hi all im selling my r34 gt 4 door auto non turbo , owned it for last year and half but now i got another car i need funds for good car runs smooth 96,000km rego till july looking for around $10,500 ONO. not interested in trades. car has the following done to it 2.25 exhaust cat back, splitfire ignition coils , k&n panel filter , immobiliser and alarm , full bodykit also come with some spare stock rims, original zorst and original coils. location melbourne pm for more details
  2. wired

    Car Impounded

    u stand on a hook and turn it feels good
  3. Sweet thx for the replys guys will look at getting a gtr bov
  4. hi all, prolly a newb question but im just learning i recently got a pulsar gtir n its got a monza atmospheric blow off valve on it. as much as i love the thing i gotta get a roadworthy for the car n as we know atmospheric venting is no good in eyes of vicroads. so this leads me to my question, and what options are. i was thinking about getting the turbosmart dual port bov which can recirculate or atmospheric. obviously i need it to be setup to plumb back to get my roadworthy pass will this bov be ok to setup with minimal noise to pass the roadworthy set to recirc? then can i with minimal effort set it back up for track etc lol on the atmospheric settings trumpet etc after the roadwworthy. if that isnt the way to go any ideas are welcome, id like to keep cost down but if i can get the turbosmart bov to work within regulations and then have option to make it atmospheric would be kool. open to other types of bov that can do both plumb back n atmospheric thanks all. ps i have no stock bov just the monza installed.
  5. ye get used to it , gives me alot of laughs though mainly p plater trying to run in there fully sick commos
  6. was playing need for speed undercover for a while till my ps3 wont read discs anymore.. counter strike is another good one!
  7. next one ill come along if i remember !
  8. cop station across the road from knox isnt thre prolly why.
  9. lol funny stuff that one with the 33 then suddenly 2 chicks pop in ..
  10. hey thanks nathan ill send u a pm and we can sort something out. are they the star shaped wheel 5 points?
  11. ive come across alot of 32, 33 stock wheels so far around same 450-550 but no gtt wheels so far specs of 32 wheel is 6.5 X 165 H 114.3 +40 vs the 34 16 inches7J5 holesPCD114.3Offset +40 slight diff in size between the 2 can the 32 wheel fit my 205/55 r16 tyre ?? and also the wheel then fit on my 34?
  12. ye ideally id like to sell it but with the 1 buggered wheel now im not sure how i can do that.i cant seem to find 1 wheel to fit. i rang bob jane etc looking for a second hand wheel but no luck though im not sure on the offset i need or other dimensions for stock 34 gt n/a 4 door :s if i could sell it for like 11 that would be sweet . i dont wanna buy a whole set of tyres and wheels then sell it type thing unless that cost is on top of the car.. drving around on this space saver is annoying lol edit-just found a set of 4 these are the specs 16 inches 7J 5 holes PCD114.3 Offset +40 through import monster around 600 for the 4 rims landed, look better condition than my stock ones anyhow lol but will them dimension fit my car same looking wheel pretty sure mine is 16 inch too, how can i find out ?
  13. hi everyone, as it happens ive cracked my rear left wheel on my 34 gt. 4door auto im looking for a new set of wheels and tyres now, but am wondering a few things. i plan to upgrade a heap of stuff now lol, so im gonna turbo it as well as brakes from a 34 gtt? was looking at maybe tein super street susp ? ive got around 10 k budget to do it all wheels, turbo, suspension etc. any suggestions about what turbo or other parts to use eg r33 turbo, 34, new garett one?, dont wanna kill my engine lol but i read some of u guys running 15 psi ok , id be looking at stock boost levels to start and then go more later on .. i love the nismo lmgt4 17 inch would these fit on my car? and if i get them seems like 4 k with tyres prolly lol , is 6 k enough for turbo conversion and all extras. any advice on who to carry this job out reccomendations? car is gonna be daily driver ,low down response and midrange is what im after. ive read on some of you guys doing this lately did most of the parts come new or source second hand? on a side note if anyone knows where i can find 1 stock 34 gt wheel or anything the same size cheap lol currently evertything stock beside splitfires, and exhaust. thoughts also on my current car 4 door auto 34 + 10 grand in it eg turbo etc- vs a stock 34 gtt 2 door manual power wise and realiability let the ideas flow! ty
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