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  1. Our black R35 GTR still runs fine guys. We started it up and ran it for a bit when it came down the bottom. It did however overheat very quickly on the second run and blew the coolant out the overflow. More investigation required here, but mechanically its still in one piece. The commentators get a little excited at times up there
  2. Like LSX-438 said - +1 for AP J Hook Rotors and Endless pads. Better than factory, and cheaper
  3. Sure will Errol. Domino, in short Rooters car is a built Trust 3.8 engine with ported heads equipped with a TD06 turbocharger kit, Syvecs management, and all the fruit to make it run good power on E85 (2000cc injectors etc.) If you want a detailed, detailed list then let me know. Its a nice tight combo, and the TD06 kit is one of our favourites, as not only does it work well, but its engineered for RHD GTRs unlike most anything from the USA (big consideration that one if you dont want to spend extra money fixing steering rack clearance issues)
  4. Changes to LC5 settings are those that we can do via the ProTuner software such as RPM Launch limit etc. With the Launch counter raised to 12 its now a no-brainer to upgrade to LC5 in these cars as the clutch engagement is even more refined
  5. Car is now in WR1000 guise, with bigger turbochargers on a 4.3 litre engine. Here is a picture taken on Sunday while at the strip dialing in the launch control on the stock ECU. Syvecs goes back in once we have a stock ECU benchmark
  6. Undertrays, exhaust, tailshaft, and a heap of small fiddly things. Its not so hard
  7. That was indeed the shopping car. Still make mincemeat of any Stagea though, and you would kind of hope so
  8. Errrm Matty - http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/mitsubishi-lancer-2008-13994158?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=38&page=4&eapi=2&__N=1246%201252%201247%201282%204294964597%204294966896%201216&num=15&silo=Stock&Range=Price%3a35000%2cMax%7e0.5&sort=default
  9. Send me an email to info@willall.com.au along with your Cobb AP serial number and modelyear/list of the mods on the GTR and I will generate you one free of charge
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