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  1. Just a quick update... Just been told the motor is shagged So the car will be written off and I will be looking for a new car shortly. Almost a happy ending. Good thing for insurance though! If people are interested in anything I had on the car PM me as I might buy the wreck back if there is enough interest.
  2. Hahaha. Yeah... I think I'd much prefer to have some kind of silent alarm that wakes me so I can run at them with the axe Little angry chick running at you in her pyjamas with an axe raised screaming to run the f*** away... might be a bit shocking
  3. It might have been fun to mash his nuts but this way I get all my shit back no problems and its all covered and going to be replaced/repaired New sound system... woot! lol Still thinking about selling it after its all fixed up... not because anythings damaged or bad about it, but the there's the temptation of something new now
  4. Cheers guys. It was a pretty funny evening Glad to have it back though I was starting to get a little excited about buying/building something new, which I still may do later. Looking forward to getting it all repaired by insurance and having it looking nice
  5. Hi guys. I'm Hayley and it's my car that was stolen Still haven't heard anything about it so please continue keeping an eye out for it. I have insurance and luckily they have agreed on a market value I am happy with, but I would still love to find my car in whatever condition it may be. I will PM you a list JDM032, thanks.
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