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  1. Does anyone on here use Final Inspection products made here in Melbourne? They seem to detail some very high end cars but don't read about many people using them.
  2. Bond

    I never loved 32's but lately i want i want i want.
  3. Bond

    Why not just get a pair of stock cams for next to nothing and just see if you like the response and go from there? Also fix the VCT. Cheap option.
  4. Bond

    Looks fantastic!
  5. Fair point but seals shouldn't be hard to change if it made it easier for someone that didn't want to buy and store methanol.
  6. Interesting topic until it turned to shit so i skipped a lot. Can you substitute the methanol for E85? Would be very easy and cheap to just be able to fill up 10 litres of E85 at the servo and mix it with water.
  7. Great result. Do you have a thread like this for SR20's? I have jumped ship!
  8. Hey quick question. Did you ever play around with the actuator and valve in the throttle body (TB48)? Seems a lot of guys disable it and wire it shut for better down low power?
  9. Thanks, will have a look.
  10. Hey Guiltoy did you tune many 4.8 Patrols? Do you know anyone in Melb that deals with them? I want to squeeze some more out of mine.
  11. Bond

    ^^ Yeah for sure.
  12. Bond

    From what i hear it's not bad but someone obviously wanted mine Also Altona is a big place and i consider Altona Meadows and Altona North to be a lot more dodgy to where i am.
  13. Bond

    Well i don't mind it taking a while because if they base the payout on a standard km and condition skyline of that year then it will be crap!
  14. Bond

    Thanks. Still waiting to hear from assessor.