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  1. Hey quick question. Did you ever play around with the actuator and valve in the throttle body (TB48)? Seems a lot of guys disable it and wire it shut for better down low power?
  2. Thanks, will have a look.
  3. Hey Guiltoy did you tune many 4.8 Patrols? Do you know anyone in Melb that deals with them? I want to squeeze some more out of mine.
  4. ^^ Yeah for sure.
  5. From what i hear it's not bad but someone obviously wanted mine Also Altona is a big place and i consider Altona Meadows and Altona North to be a lot more dodgy to where i am.
  6. Well i don't mind it taking a while because if they base the payout on a standard km and condition skyline of that year then it will be crap!
  7. Thanks. Still waiting to hear from assessor.
  8. Ok it's been 2 weeks and rang up insurance to get the ball rolling. They asked all the same questions again, asked for the police file number, pictures and how many km it had. This is going to hurt me big time! I have owned the car for 7 years and bought it with 114,000km, last time i looked it had either 124k, 126k or 128k. It has never been serviced by anyone besides myself. In 7 years it hasn't needed any mechanical work so never seen a shop. How do i prove the low km?? I have no pictures of the dash. The cars was only swapped to RACV in 2012 (along with everything else) and I asked if they had the details from then. Apparently they don't care how many km are on a car when it gets insured. An ideas? Willing to do a stat dec (the copper in charge said to do this) but RACV say that isn't good enough.
  9. Had no idea about jamming trackers and will have to read up on it.
  10. Still no word yet.
  11. Fair enough but i'm skeptical. You sure it was mine? I have literally driven it only 3 times in the last 3 months (since i moved back to melb). I spoke to another neighbor tonight and he confirmed that he heard my car go down the street, do a U turn and come back again! Got me stuffed.
  12. Also what is with certain people that i don't know but live in the general area tagging their friends in my post on Stolen Imports?
  13. It's a quiet secondary street with absolutely no traffic so i'm guessing someone has spotted it and followed me some time. The worst part is that i heard it while i was half asleep and as we woke up i could still hear it. I turned to my mrs and said "gee that car sounded good". Has anyone had any luck with gps trackers? Surely if you left it all quiet for 24hrs and then busted your car in their garage/warehouse a few pricks would get caught.There must be plenty on here who know exactly who is responsible for the majority if these thefts.
  14. After moving back to Melbourne from the country only 3 months ago i woke up during the night to hear my R33 being driven away. I had just given the car a once over and fitted a new O2 sensor at 8:00pm last night and fired it up for the first time in a month (been away with work). I bought the car off here 7 years ago and spent a bit of time getting it to how I liked it but in reality it has been a super reliable daily driver with not having to spend a cent on anything. There isn't too many good parts on it to strip as most of it is stock besides the turbo, return flow cooler and rims. Where do parts like this get advertised? For all you guys that spend a lot of time and $$$ on your cars, do what i was GOING to do and fit a GPS tracker. They are very cheap now and I feel stupid for not having one hooked up.
  15. V8 Audi sounds good. So did you sort out the turbo b4 you sold it or did the person who bought it not care?