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  1. Same. I need to check dates. Got a few birthdays and fathers day in that month.
  2. Me
  3. We're onto it, they'll be on their way soon
  4. As you should! Keep us on our toes
  5. @sammi_d Sorry guys, we've had a new committee change over recently and members are a little behind. We will get onto this for you ASAP!
  6. It's working now, maybe was a problem with the website on the day. No pics of my car either but that's what I get for parking next to JUN and GTR700
  7. Haha yeah I was thinking the odds of my car being in there was low, effort not in line with reward
  8. Bit of a tedious way to get through them though
  9. 404 not found when I try to access.
  10. I just took some crappy phone ones but here they are
  11. @LTSJayce should post in here, he has some good shots!
  12. Marques in the Park - 12 November 2017 It's on again! Would be nice if we could get a bit of an ACT showing like the old days! They have a new website too If peeps are interested we can do a pre meet so we can all park together
  13. I didn't see this until now, was nice to see you though! I saw you're coming to track day too, nice one!
  14. For anyone that's going to be in Syd the night before