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  1. Good move
  2. Do you still have the GTR?
  3. I'm still here. Just got back from hols and couldn't believe there had been zero posts in here!
  4. Oooh there is life in here!
  5. Same. I need to check dates. Got a few birthdays and fathers day in that month.
  6. Me
  7. We're onto it, they'll be on their way soon
  8. As you should! Keep us on our toes
  9. @sammi_d Sorry guys, we've had a new committee change over recently and members are a little behind. We will get onto this for you ASAP!
  10. It's working now, maybe was a problem with the website on the day. No pics of my car either but that's what I get for parking next to JUN and GTR700
  11. Haha yeah I was thinking the odds of my car being in there was low, effort not in line with reward
  12. Bit of a tedious way to get through them though
  13. 404 not found when I try to access.
  14. I just took some crappy phone ones but here they are
  15. @LTSJayce should post in here, he has some good shots!