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  1. My tattoo ran over. Unfortunately still not finished! How was it?
  2. I'm getting tattooed so depends how long it takes Would like to pop out for a look though. We have a SAU NSW dinner in Syd the night before too (deets in members section)
  3. Drove mine today! Everyone at work loves it, took a few people for joyrides
  4. Spotted a dark coloured R32 at Russell today. Also have spotted a black R34 parked near ONA in Fyshwick a couple of times. Few nasty key marks
  5. Pete and I are in
  6. This was a really awesome meet, big thankyou to everyone who came last night! Was good to see everyone. Also after all those food trucks don't think i need to eat for another month!
  7. Pete and I are in! We're getting a lot of bites on our Facebook page, this is looking to be an awesome night out!
  8. I'll be at an SAU NSW event the night before but if I don't get in too late I'll come check this out
  9. Good move
  10. Do you still have the GTR?
  11. I'm still here. Just got back from hols and couldn't believe there had been zero posts in here!
  12. Oooh there is life in here!
  13. Same. I need to check dates. Got a few birthdays and fathers day in that month.
  14. Me