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  1. I have been going through this thread for the last few days and can't seem to find the answer. I know it would be here somewhere but I obviously can't see it. I have a 99 RS4S and the front shocks are rooted. I can't seem to find part numbers or brand choices for the RS4S. Any help would be great cause the shops up here in Townsville only seem to want to help if I can get them the part numbers to save them doing a search or calling around for me. Need help as soon as possible cause I need to get this problem sorted. Just need part numbers/ Brands for shocks if possible. Yes I have tried searching and I am having no luck. Thanks.
  2. Until further notice I am having to put selling things on hold. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dave
  3. Hi, Fulcrum in Brisbane are who stripped the back struts. Had a local suspension company send them down. They are a TYPE NA coilover, not 100% sure. Not height adjustable but is lowered to a good height. Will weigh up the box and get a quote for courier or could use the Greyhound Bus service.
  4. Hi there, will get some pics up today of the coilovers and a couple other parts. The rear coilovers were pulled apart by a suspension place in Brisbane. They were stripped and not put back together due to lack of funds at the time. Was quoted if I remember around the $650 mark for them to rebuild. They will need to be rebuilt by a suspension shop, preferably TEIN specialist as they need to be revalved etc. All the parts should be there as they came back in a sealed box and have sat here doing nothing since.
  5. I have mine, don't have all the little clips, have most though. As you can see one is bent but could be straightened. The other 3 are all good. How about $30 posted. If interested then message me and I will give you my bank details.
  6. I have come to the point where I am stripping my RS4-S. Will be willing to ship most parts, especially the smaller parts. Bigger parts I can help the buyer organise courier. Also, pickup is welcome for those that live in QLD. Buyer pays ALL POSTAGE except if stated otherwise. Prices don't include postage except where stated. Photo's will follow as all parts are still on the car. Car is yellow so any doors/ panels etc are obviously Yellow. Located in Hervey Bay, QLD. Now onto the parts and prices. Could the person that messaged my phone regarding my Front Mount Cooler please message again if still interested as phone has been wiped so lost messages, thanks. Manual Console/ Gear stick boot/ Handbrake - $450 (On hold for now, May still be available) Ser2 Taillights All - $300 or may seperate. Roof Rails (Pickup only due to size/weight) - $250 3 Guage Set - $130 Dash Cluster reading approx 180 000 - $180 Climate Control - $100 (Couple of bulbs blown) Dash clock - $15 Rear Days Wing (Yellow) - $180 Air intake box and K&N Panel Filter - $120 NEO Engine Cover and mounting bracket - $80 Side Mount Stock intercooler - $150 (Flushed with 50/50 metho/kero at start of year. Nice and clean and free flowing) Clear side indicators - $70 (Purchased from Nengun) 2x Cargo pull out covers - $80ea Floor Mats set of 5 some marks/ stains - $100 New set of Non-genuine Floor Mats with Stagea Symbol Embroided. New/ never used. - $200 Set of TEIN coilovers, rears need to be rebuilt (Stripped by TEIN in Brisbane, all parts there) For Manual car - $250 More parts to be listed. Anything needed just ask. Stripping complete car. Hoping to keep it as a rolling chassis at the moment so can be moved but will be getting to suspension parts etc soon. All interior available. Contact me here for parts.
  7. Hi, sorry don't have the Original 17" wheels. Mine came with the wheels in the picture and a set of 16" Nissan Rims (Not sure if Stagea or not)
  8. Will go see how mine are in the morning. Not sure on condition but will message you sometime today about it.
  9. Well, now that I have been screwed for work over christmas/ new year period etc, I will be putting up a new thread in the next couple of days with prices for parts as I will be stripping the car. (Much to the wifes disgust but bills are mounting). Will be stripping the whole car and will be willing to post but may need peoples help organising freight/ couriers if people want large items sent interstate. Gotta work out prices and what parts to keep together as a package so keep an eye on my new thread. Also as I am only slightly mechanically minded, if you are after an obscure part then I may need a photo to locate. At this stage motor/ box/ ecu will be kept as a package but will see what interest I have. Thanks Dave
  10. Any offers for $6500? Keen to sell this as a whole still. Bills mounting up and no other car as of yet so would love this gone. Any interest then phone or message on 0438 758 717 or message here.
  11. Guessing by the interest that you have for these there will be a 3rd and maybe 4th order for these. If you do have ones organised for early next year then I will be interested for my RS4S Stagea. Would look good and just another thing to add for it's time off the road. Thanks greatly. Keep up the great work.
  12. My post above stated that I had one for a NON NEO motor NEW UNUSED GENUINE. All you had to do was Private Message me your address and I would have sent it AT NO COST. Check my post above and get someone to FAST your VIN and check the part number matches. If you still want it let me know, if not then just use the gasket paper.
  13. Hi there, I have an AAC valve gasket that i purchased for my stagea but they got me the one for the Non NEO motor where mine is the NEO, being a differsnt shape. Part number I have on the packet is 23785-57Y00. If someone can FAST your VIN and check that is the correct number for your vehicle, you can PM your details and I will post it tomorrow. Nissan Genuine, still in pack. Not sure how much I paid for it but if you PM me then I will even pay for the postage stamp and being by snail mail, depending on your location from me you will most likely get it early next week. Dave
  14. I may be keen if it is early next year after Xmas is out of the way.
  15. Price dropped to $8000 as is. Any interest at all? Really don't want to part this. I just don't have the time or cash to fix this. Will look at selling a few bits and pieces in the next couple of days.
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