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  1. You inform your insurance and give them the details and the police report and they will sort it out. You shouldn't have to pay your excess as you are not at fault. It will all get claimed with his insurance but your insurance will organize that for you.
  2. No need for that mate. You asked me to share the link so I thought I would make contact with the supplier I found for a GB price to save you the leg work. Then I was going to pass on the details to you. I know it's your GB but if I could have shared cheaper pricing for everyone, it could have been a good thing. Don't know I'd bother next time! Anyway, I just got a reply and they are out of stock and have them on back order with no eta. Enjoy.
  3. That relay is about $100 from Nissan EX Japan so hit up Scotty to get the relay from his wreck.
  4. Mine doesn't do that when shifting into D. The only thing I hate is that when in D the kick down is still a little slow and when it shifts down it clunks into the lower gear. Shift from 1-2 is still a little soft but I think that's the M35 ECU at work. Otherwise good results.
  5. Nice tools. Should offer the as a kit for M35 turbo removals, lol
  6. Do you what the wheel specs are? Is it BB or bush core?
  7. Sweet, thanks. Should start getting the tool kit in order for when the inevitable happens.
  8. Looking good. What type of Snapon spanners did you need to buy? And any pics of the modded heat shield?
  9. The creaking and clunking tune it makes now is horrible. Seems everything is coming at once ATM. Attesa pump, cam cover seal and piano bushes. That's three so hopefully good for a bit now 😰
  10. Just ordered some piano (castor rod) bushes. Pick up Saturday. Getting the offset style.
  11. Contacted the bloke I found about a price, Just waiting to hear back.
  12. The wiring is pretty easy. I can show you how/where to run it of you like.
  13. Thats one sexy turbine wheel! How have you found the removal so far? are the turbo water/oil lines a pain to get to?
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