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  1. Yeah Brandon what was Ben doing to the car? Tim
  2. Could be just some piston slap - if it gets better when warm - probably don't need to worry I use a 10w-30 for mine - copes very well on the track You can get a Mobil one 10w-40 I think - bit more exy than the 5w-50 but meant to be better fot turbo cars ... which oil to use ... now that's a good thread to start up
  3. Have you run the engine really hard lately - or overboosted it? Are you blowing smoke? Have you lost compression in a cylinder? Hope its not serious
  4. Snake - do you have forgies? if so - then it is just the rattle of them until they warm up and expand to the cylinder bore!
  5. Sly, a "super" high flow is basically a straight thru pipe in a cat housing with no internals - sounds like that's where you started b4 u put on the high flow cat . If the engine needs to breathe, u will usually see about 10kw difference between a straight thru and a high flow Don't know much about RB25's, but u could be right that 2530 is too small - hence exhaust flow problems lets face it, 2x 2530's on RB26 is magic for 300 - 350 kw applications good luck with the continuing developments - sounds like u need those bigger injectors :-)
  6. Sounds like a good day, I'll be in it - hope the weather holds Beefy and NRB - catch up at Megamart
  7. Dave well done good to follow up the autosalon figures with some great times
  8. Kev how are you going with numbers? Tim
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