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  1. yes has stock ecu, but so did my old one... had a nice crisp rebuilt gearbox though, never felt a gtst's box so tight before.
  2. Took it for a test drive on Sunday, had no balls though, no idea why but it wasn't that quick. i'm comparing it to my old r33 that had similar mods (minus the 19inch wheeels and plenum), and I was hitting 195rwkw, this one with similar mods seemed around 160rwkw. Got to start the car from a cold start, owner said sometimes it smokes for a few seconds (didn't do it when I saw it), Owner also said at 10psi boost it sometimes missfires, (again didn't happen when i drove it). Not sure what to make of it, Test drove another one today, all 4 corners had rooted suspension, car was rough as guts, missfired all over the place, couldn't break traction... starting to think they are all crap now... should have kept my old one
  3. Nope stock turbo but might be running more than stock boost??? Haven't inspected it yet. Seems to just be exhaust, pod, FMIC and a boost controller
  4. Here is a pic of the plenum Good bad? Anyone know what brand it might be?
  5. As the title says... Looking to buy another R33 gtst (this time as a kickaround/track/drift and posibly as a daily driver) found one that looks good but it has one of those hideous oversized plenums installed already. Done some internet research and there are very mixed attitudes towards them. Some people say it increases high end range, others say it does that but reduces low-medium power range.... then the companies producing/selling the parts claim up around 25-40hp gains just by installing them. Anyone got any actual advice first hand or second hand info? Car in question is failry stock, just usual bolt ons. Thanks
  6. I was going to say the plates were familiar lol. Spotted a Burnt out R33 on Pennant Hills road couple days ago on back of a towey going up to Hornsby or on to the F3 motorway. Anyone know what happened?
  7. It is a low volume import? The one that needs compliance. Should have a green or purple compliance plate/sticker in the engine bay (depending when compliance was done). If it is a personal import you may have some trouble (personal import is when you own the car for more than 12months overseas...) I'm guessing yours would have been a normal low volume import. You'll be fine unless you can't access the engine number. I once had a car that needed the physical engine number sighted even though it was an ex Australia Post van that only had its rego cancelled because it sold at auction. Needless to say I didn't get the engine number sighted as that would have reqired an engine out job, got a mate to "sight it". That was back in 2002 though.
  8. Can't really go wrong with top level haymarket. If you get cheap and nasty, at least there is a crap load of food, and I mean heaps of it, although all the nice tasty litres of oil doesn't go down with me as well now as it did back in Uni days.. If you get the hotplate place, it's pricier and you get less food (still a good amount) but you get more and better meat with less oil. Best part about haymarket though is the Lychee blended ice fro the drinks place in the middle. Only had about 10 of them in 8 years and i'm sure I get diabetes every time I have it. But it's so good!!! Also weight update, from the time my post #262 I am down from 94.2kg to 86.8kg. Counting down the weeks until I can at least eat at some restaurants again.
  9. No worries, it's just an older complaince before the newer purple stickers came
  10. As far as i'm aware they were only imported? Also 180's are meant to have purple "import" compliance plate but i've come accross one with a green plate? Does this mean AUs delivered or is it just an older style of compliancing before the purple stickers came in?
  11. I saw a V8 crown getting complied at Top Secret Imports a few weeks ago.
  12. Just wondering if the guy who bought my old R33 GTST a couple years ago is on here. Asian Fellow, think he was from around the Liverpool region. This is what the car looked like when I had it (wheels and front bar are a bit of a give away). Just want to see how the old girl is going, if she's been reliable, what mods it has now etc... Cheers
  13. Haven't been on SAU in a while but you guys should definately try these places. I know a thing or two about food (that's why i'm now on a strict low carb diet to loose at least 20kg for my wedding in November). For Chinese: Kirawee Chinese is the best by a mile. A bit pricey at around $17-$22 a plate at dinner but their servings are easily double the size of other chinese places. Trust me it is awesome and up until recently I go out 3 or 4 times a week for dinner. Italian: It is between Sapore in Lichardt and Carusos at Gymea and La Cucina in Menai. All three are awesome. Thai: Best place by far and I think I have tried almost every Thai place around (thai is my favourite food ever!!! when living in Europe there were no Thai restraunts so my fiance and I learnt how to make thai food out of desperation) and my suggestion is Tung Tong Rung in Pennant Hills. Japanese: Belive it or not I find the best Japanese place is downstairs in Castle Towers, not sure what it's called but it is the one between Subway and the kebab shop. Apparently Eastwood is great for Jap and korean but I haven't tried them yet. Vietnames: Cabramatta, doesn't really matter which one you go to they are all good. Seafood: By a mile the Sheraton on the Park oposite Hyde Park in the city. $100 per person but well worth it. Again up until recently I went there at least once a week. German/Austrian: Essen restaurant on Parramatta road in between Broardway shopping centre and the big UTS building, good value as well. Contempory Australian/International: Can't remember the name even though i've been a zillion times, but it is in the rocks near the Park Hyat, between park hyat and the shipping terminal. Now I have to go through and read other peoples suggestions for more ideas on where to go to once this bloody diet is over.
  14. Someone had to bump it, went to The Star on Saturday night and there were 7 different lamborghinis parked including that white special edition Supertrofeo (1/100 made world wide), 2 Aventadores ($900k each). A whole heap of Ferraris and Maseratis and a few Bentleys. Economy picking up maybe???
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